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Westport Teachers Wear Red for Ed

Like their colleagues standing up for fair wages and education funding across the nation, Westport teachers came together last night, wearing red, in a show of strength and solidarity before the town’s Board of Education.

Concerned about their future as well as their students, colleagues, and schools, nearly 200 Westport teachers attended a recent Board of Education meeting.

Year after year, Westport teachers have taken on a higher share of their healthcare premiums, and increased costs have often outpaced the small salary increases they have received. When the Westport Board recently asked the teachers to join the State Plan, the Westport Education Association (WEA) asked for a small reduction in the percentage teachers paid for health insurance. In response, the administration delivered an ultimatum and 120 non-tenured teacher layoff notices—at a time when the town is poised to save millions and fill a new position—that of an assistant superintendent—with a six-figure salary.

Close to 200 teachers turned out for a Board of Education meeting to show their disappointment with the administration’s response and to demonstrate support for one another, their students, and their schools. Read more