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Victory for Wallingford Teachers, Students, but Fight Continues Against Mega High School

“We made a difference,” said Wallingford Education Association (WEA) President Lou Faiella, regarding the Board of Education’s decision last night to scrap any plans for consolidating the town’s two middle schools into one. However, the battle to keep both high schools open in Wallingford continues.

Wallingford students shared their own personal experiences and their desire to keep Wallingford’s neighborhood high schools from merging into a megaschool with Board of Ed members.

A week after coming out in force to oppose school closures and consolidations, Wallingford teachers again expressed their support for keeping all schools open at a follow-up Board of Education meeting last night.

Teachers’ concerns were widely shared by parents and students in the district—as well as many members of the board—who felt that creating “megaschools,” as Faiella put it, meant students could get lost in the shuffle. Consolidating the town’s two existing middle schools would make Wallingford home to the biggest middle school in the entire state. Read more

Wallingford Teacher’s STEM Enrichment Program Receives $100,000 Grant

NEA Foundation President and CEO Harriet Sanford, Wallingford Education Association President Louis Faiella, CEA President Sheila Cohen, and Wallingford teacher Christopher Stone.

When Pond Hill Elementary School fifth-grade teacher Christopher Stone founded the CT STEM Academy in Wallingford in 2012, he got a big assist from his state teachers union. The Connecticut Education Association provided a two-year, $10,000 grant to launch his after-school enrichment program, which, over the last five years, has opened the eyes of more than 15,000 students and their families to STEM skills and careers.

Recently, Stone and his colleagues scored another big win for their students when AT&T made a $100,000 contribution to the NEA Foundation to continue supporting the STEM Academy.

“CEA gave us funding to really build our base,” said Stone, thanking CEA President Sheila Cohen and Wallingford Education Association President Louis Faiella for “entertaining my ideas that were really outside the box.” Read more