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U.S. Education Department Suspends Standardized Testing Requirements, Provides Student Loan Relief: College Board Announces SAT and AP Exam Changes

The U.S. Department of Education has waived standardized testing requirements for the current school year for students in elementary school through high school. The department says it will provide relief from federally mandated testing requirements to any state requesting a waiver due to the public health crisis.

“Eliminating standardized testing for the current year is the right decision for students,” said CEA President Jeff Leake. “It will allow teachers to focus on end-of-year learning and students’ social and emotional well-being, instead of teaching to the test. Teachers will continue to keep their students safe, engaged, and learning throughout this crisis.”

The action comes just one day after Governor Lamont and Connecticut Education Commissioner Miguel Cardona requested a waiver to suspend standardized assessments. Cardona said sitting students down to take assessments after an extended absence from school is not the best way to use their time. Read more

Commissioner Announces Flexibility, Urges Teachers to Do the Best They Can to Keep Students Learning

State Department of Education Commissioner Miguel Cardona today told CEA leaders that his department is focusing on the big picture: ensuring safety for students and staff and keeping students engaged. He urged teachers to “give it your best effort to serve kids” and provide continuity of education with today’s reality.

In a conference call, the commissioner said his agency will be as flexible as possible when it comes to keeping students engaged, but he said, “Everyone has to be doing something.” Whatever teachers are doing to keep students engaged and learning, interaction between each educator and other individuals must be limited to help prevent the spread of the coronavirus. Read more