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Trumbull Teachers Send Message: Fund Our Schools


Trumbull Education Association (TEA) President John Mastrianni (far left) is joined by colleagues throughout his district concerned about the impact of proposed budget cuts. TEA members attended a Town Council Finance Subcommittee meeting to send a message to fund their schools.

Teachers turned out in force at a Town Council Finance Subcommittee hearing in Trumbull to discuss proposed cuts to the district’s education budget—cuts that threaten to eliminate almost 20 teaching positions. Superintendent Gary Cialfi and other administrators presented details on the staffing cuts and other reductions that were announced earlier that day.

“We are deeply troubled by the town’s decision to slash the Board of Education’s budget by $2.3 million,” said Trumbull Education Association (TEA) President John Mastrianni. “Seven nontenured teachers have already been notified that they will not be renewed for budget reasons, and the elimination of positions will cause tenured teachers throughout the district to be displaced. We are asking the committee and the Town Council to pledge to restore these critical funds and take any action possible to prevent these cuts before the budget is adopted.” Read more