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Happy Thanksgiving, From All of Us at CEA

CEA officers President Jeff Leake, Vice President Tom Nicholas, Secretary Stephanie Wanzer, and Treasurer Kevin Egan, wish all CEA members a happy Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving Ideas for the Classroom

ThanksgivingCelebrate the Thanksgiving season in the classroom and at home with lessons, quizzes, activities, games, trivia, books, and movies.

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Happy Thanksgiving

As our national day for giving thanks approaches, I cannot help but think of what a challenging time this has been and will continue to be for so many of us. However, this special day does also usher in a holiday season that underscores that for which we should be grateful, and inspires the hope for the future that is cherished within us all. As the poet Robert Filie has written, “Thanksgiving focuses our minds on our blessings rather than on our problems. It makes the heart glad for what we have been given, and it takes our minds off the burdens we all have.”

So on behalf of the Leadership Team, I wish all of you and your families a glorious Thanksgiving, filled with cheer, with good health, with happiness, and with the courage to face each day with optimism and with confidence for the future.

With love and gratitude,


Connecticut Teachers Share Their School Thanksgiving Celebrations

How do you celebrate Thanksgiving with your students? Teachers and schools recognize the Thanksgiving holiday in a wide variety of ways depending on the grade level and subject matter they teach.

Here are just some of the ways CEA members and their students and schools are giving thanks.

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Thanksgiving Ideas for the Classroom

turkeycolorCelebrate the Thanksgiving season in the classroom and at home with lessons, quizzes, activities, games, trivia, books, and movies compiled by Phil Nast for NEA.

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StoryCorps’ the Great Thanksgiving Listen Offers Special Opportunity for Social Studies Teachers & Students

SC-Toolkit-ImageThanksgiving is a time for sharing stories and history for many families, and this year NPR’s StoryCorps wants to help students capture some of those stories. StoryCorps is working with teachers and middle and high school students across the country to preserve the voices and stories of an entire generation.

Open to everyone, The Great Thanksgiving Listen is a national assignment to engage people of all ages in the act of listening. It’s specially designed for students ages 13 and over and as part of a social studies, history, civics, government, journalism, or political science class.

Click here for more information and to get a free teacher toolkit.

The project will help students develop the following:

  • Research, archiving, and planning skills
  • Speaking skills that enable students to express ideas clearly and persuasively
  • Listening skills that reflect increased comprehension, lead to critical analysis, and advance discussion
  • An increased connectedness, to community and to school
  • A deepened sense of social awareness, exhibited by appreciation of diversity and respect for others

Thanksgiving Lesson Plans, Activity Ideas, and Curriculum Resources

ThanksgivingCelebrate the Thanksgiving season in the classroom with lessons, quizzes, activities, games, trivia, books, and movies. NEA has compiled resources appropriate for different grade levels.