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CEA Continues Push for Bill to Ensure Classroom Safety, Support for At-Risk Students

CEA joined other members of a classroom safety task force for the group’s first meeting at the State Department of Education today.

The legislature may have refused to override the governor’s veto of a crucial school safety bill earlier this summer, but it’s not an issue teachers will walk away from. CEA leaders and staff have been hard at work this month seeking input from the State Department of Education and other stakeholders to create a revised bill that could pass the General Assembly and be signed into law.

Today a task force consisting of CEA and 13 other advocacy organizations, State Department of Education staff, and members of the General Assembly met in person for the first time for discussions about the bill. The group seeks to provide protections for the safety of students and teachers and proactive supports to help students who cause physical injury to others. Read more

Teacher Safety: Information and Resources from CEA

Every educator has the right to a safe working environment. As your union, CEA wants to ensure that if you are threatened or assaulted at school, appropriate steps are taken to protect you.

That’s why we’ve made resources available to you on the CEA website—everything from reporting forms to model contract language to information about scheduling a CEA workshop. These resources aim to educate you about your rights and provide your local Association with the necessary tools to address your safety concerns.

If you have specific concerns about your safety, don’t wait. Contact your local president or CEA UniServ Representative.

Safety First: Student Assault Laws & Teachers’ Rights

UniServ Rep Suzanne Haviland addressed East Hartford and Manchester teachers at a recent workshop.

CEA UniServ Representative Suzanne Haviland addressed East Hartford and Manchester teachers at a recent workshop.

Teachers are often most familiar with the support their union provides when it comes to negotiating contracts or filing grievances. The support that CEA staff offers to members extends far beyond those issues, however, as teachers in East Hartford and Manchester found out recently.

Teachers in both districts have seen a sharp rise in problematic behavior among students in recent years. From out and out assaults to a variety of troubling behaviors, some students’ actions and the lack of policies and procedures to address them have been severely impacting classroom learing and the morale of the teaching staff. Read more

There Must Be Consequences for Assault – Tell the Judiciary Committee to Support SB 1163

CEA members (left to right) Carmella Lorusso, June Kozloski, and Ann Carone wait to tell the Judiciary Committee about their experiences with teacher assault.

A high school student slammed the classroom door on Ann Carone’s arm. The Bridgeport teacher suffered tendon and muscle sprains that required physical therapy and caused her pain for several months. The student responsible did not spend any time in detention or suspension.

“It is my biggest fear that this student has been sent a message that it is alright to injure teachers and others in authority because no corrective action will be taken,” Carone told the State Legislature’s Judiciary Committee.

She testified at a public hearing on Senate Bill 1163 – An Act Concerning the Assault of a School Employee – along with four other CEA members: Diane Baughn, Cathy Delehanty, June Kozloski and Carmella Lorusso.  Legislators at the hearing received copies of the February-March CEA Advisor which featured Baughn’s story as well as those of Kozloski and teacher Peter Zezima.

CEA staff member Robyn Kaplan-Cho asked legislators to “Please support Senate Bill 1163 and allow the judicial system to respond to the seriousness of an assault on a school employee.”

Assaults on the rise

Lorusso is the Grievance Chair for the Bridgeport Education Association.  She told the Judiciary Committee, “As I communicate with teachers throughout the district, I hear an increasingly alarming number of stories from teachers who have been assaulted by their students.”

Perhaps you or a colleague are one of the growing number of educators who have been assaulted by a student.

Tell the Judiciary Committee to support SB 1163

Email members of the Judiciary Committee who represent your town and tell them to support Senate Bill 1163. Click here to find a list of Judiciary Committee members, their email addresses and suggested points to use in your email. If you have a personal story regarding this issue, please share it with your legislators.