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Teachers Call for Steps to Ensure Safe Reopening, Including Hybrid Model 

Nearly 16,000 Connecticut educators responded to CEA’s statewide poll, and their responses underscore the need to strengthen the state’s plan.

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Check Your Email for a Survey From CEA

business-charts-commerce-computer-265087All CEA members should be on the lookout for a survey that is being emailed to you today or tomorrow by CEA President Jeff Leake.

CEA and NEA are conducting a representative and scientific survey of CEA members because we want to hear your concerns regarding the state’s reopening plan. 

Be part of the conversation. Share your issues and concerns to help us advocate on your behalf.

Watch for an email with the subject line Connecticut Educator Survey in your inbox. Your responses are anonymous and will not be linked to your name or email address.

Survey: Distance Learning Taking a Toll on Teachers

According to a new survey from CEA, AFT Connecticut, and WFSB Channel 3, distance learning is causing stress and overwhelm for teachers, whose workload has increased.

Watch WFSB’s report from last night, and tune in tonight and Wednesday at 11 p.m. for more special reports on how students and teachers are handling the transition to distance learning during the COVID-19 pandemic.


Watch Channel 3 Coverage of Issues Facing Connecticut Public Schools

Channel 3 hosted a panel discussion with teachers from across the state Thursday evening. (2nd row) Sheena Graham, Bridgeport; David Simon, West Hartford; CEA Secretary Stephanie Wanzer, CES; Mike Wight, Newtown; (1st row) Leigh Neumon, Cromwell; Michael McCotter, Torrington; and Kristen Record, Stratford.

Last week WFSB Channel 3 took an in-depth look at many issues facing public schools, speaking with teachers to hear firsthand how these issues affect them and their students. Watch the segments, which aired during the 5:30 and 11:00 p.m. newscasts and focus on everything from classroom safety to students’ mental health to how much teachers spend out of pocket on classroom supplies.

To inform their reporting, Channel 3 partnered with CEA and AFT Connecticut to poll teachers around Connecticut on these issues. Read the survey results here.

Share Your Concerns About Issues Impacting Public Education

CEA has teamed up with AFT Connecticut and WFSB TV 3 to highlight issues facing Connecticut teachers and public education today.

Take the Survey

Please take a few minutes to complete the survey and share your views on everything from addressing the mental health needs of students to the scourge of vaping.

The survey is totally anonymous. You will not be asked to identify yourself or where you teach. The survey timeline is short. You only have until Monday morning to complete it. Channel 3 will use the anonymous results to report on issues facing public education next week.

Thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts on these important issues impacting our profession.

How Much Are You Spending on Your Classroom? Take the Survey

Teachers go above and beyond in so many ways—and one of those is the amount you spend each year, out of pocket, on classroom supplies. This back-to-school season, CEA is partnering with NBC Connecticut and AFT Connecticut to find out just how much Connecticut teachers are spending.

Please take the survey today—and share it with other teachers you know.

The survey is completely anonymous unless you choose to submit your name. Simply fill out how much you spend and detail what kind of supplies you purchase. Teachers report spending money on everything from pencils and paper to food to hygiene supplies for students.

Stay tuned by subscribing to BlogCEA, and we’ll share the results when the survey closes. CEA plans to collaborate on other projects and surveys with NBC Connecticut going forward to highlight the vital work going on in our public schools.

Voters Send Clear Message: Invest in Public Schools, Create New Revenue System

state-budget-fbFed up with continuous budget deficits, Connecticut voters want their state legislators to take action and create a budget that works for all of us—but not on the backs of our children and families.

According to a new survey, voters say improving Connecticut’s future means investing in public schools and creating a new, fairer tax system that keeps taxes low for the middle class and asks corporations and the wealthy to pay their fair share.

“Voters want to protect public education, children, the economy, and jobs, and they do not want these priorities to be undermined by the next state budget,” said CEA President Sheila Cohen. “This is the first time we have heard directly from voters regarding how they want Connecticut to handle the state’s fiscal crisis, and their concerns should be used as the foundation for moving forward.” Read more