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CEA Expresses Alarm to President Trump Over Deportation of Students

CEA is joining together with other Connecticut education stakeholders to urge President Trump to ensure that schools continue to be safe places where children, regardless of immigrant and/or citizenship status, will not have their learning interrupted.

Commenting earlier this year on President Trump’s executive order on immigration, CEA President Sheila Cohen said, “Teachers strive to create a safe and welcoming environment for our students every day. We endeavor to make sure each child recognizes his or her self worth and feels secure in order to learn and grow—emotionally and academically.”

She continued, “Teachers will stand strong together in support of our core American values and continue to champion generosity, religious freedom, and the importance of protecting our most vulnerable.”

Click here to read the letter.

Preventing Bullying by Focusing on School Culture

Many schools talk with students about bullying during the month of October, which is known as National Bullying Prevention Month, but not all techniques for combating bullying are equally effective.

CEA’s Human and Civil Rights Commission brought an anti-bullying expert to present to CEA members a few years ago, and he had some research-based advice that educators found very useful. Read the 2012 BlogCEA post about his presentation to educators below.

Want to improve your school’s climate? Stop focusing so narrowly on “bullying.” That was the advice Stan Davis, anti-bullying expert and retired school counselor and family therapist, had for teachers at a CEA Human and Civil Rights (HCR) Commission workshop.

Bullying has received increased national intention over the last decade. Forty-nine states now have anti-bullying laws. Connecticut’s legislation was most recently revised in 2011.

Davis said the intention of these laws is admirable, but the results often fall short. Read more