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NEA Leaders Applaud Connecticut, Stress Teachers’ Strength

NEA Executive Director John Stocks, who recognized Connecticut on the floor of the RA Monday, stopped by the 7 a.m. CEA Caucus today to speak with members.

“All across the country, you are demonstrating that we have the resolve to fight for what’s right for our students and educators, the resilience to take a hit and bounce back, the audacity to demand respect, and the relentless will to win,” NEA Executive Director John Stocks told delegates at the NEA Representative Assembly (RA) Monday.

“In school after school, campus after campus, local after local, state after state, it is you who are giving voice to the needs of our students, educators, and public education,” he said.

Stocks specifically recognized the teachers in the Connecticut delegation for one of the important victories educators have achieved in recent months. He led the more than 7,500 delegates from across the country in applauding CEA’s success in preventing 22.5 percent of teachers’ evaluations from being tied to state mastery test scores. Read more

Connecticut Teachers Joining National Colleagues for 2017 NEA RA

NEA President Lily Eskelsen García joined the CEA Caucus, including NEA Director John Horrigan and CEA Executive Director Don Williams, in Boston this morning.

Some of your Connecticut colleagues are in Boston this week as members of the world’s largest democratic deliberative body: the NEA Representative Assembly (RA). The more than 100 CEA members are some of the over 7,500 elected delegates who are representing three million NEA members.

Delegates will debate the vital issues that affect American public education and set NEA policy and activities for the year ahead.

Earlier this year, CEA members elected their peers to represent their concerns as delegates to the NEA RA. Delegates represent state and local affiliates, student members, retired members, and other segments of the NEA membership. Read more