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CEA Members Represent Colleagues, Make a Difference for Students at NEA Representative Assembly

CEA Vice President Tom Nicholas speaks to a New Business Item that calls for the immediate end to the detention and criminalization of immigrant children and their families.

Sunday wrapped up the 157th National Education Association Representative Assembly (NEA RA) in Houston, Texas—a convening of nearly 7,000 NEA members from across the country representing their colleagues and their profession.

Delegates discussed and debated 160 New Business Items ultimately adopting more than 60, including one initiated by CEA Vice President Tom Nicholas. This New Business Item calls on NEA to conduct a study to examine the feasibility of self insuring the risks covered by the Educators Employment Liability insurance, a move that could save the union money, while ensuring greater security for members.

Nicholas also proposed an amendment to a New Business Item that successfully passed. It calls on the government and courts for the immediate end to the detention and criminalization of immigrant children and their families. Read more

CEA Members Inspired by Former Political Prisoner’s Commitment to Students

Bahrain teacher

Bahrain Teachers’ Association Vice President Jalila Al-Salman shared her story with CEA members.

Standing up for students and the teaching profession is central to what it means to be a teacher, but in some places around the world, it can land you in prison.

That’s what happened to Jalila Al-Salman a Bahraini teacher and vice president of the Bahrain Teachers’ Association (BTA), who is currently a guest of the CEA delegation to the NEA Representative Assembly (RA).

In 2011, Sl-Salman helped to organize teacher strikes through the BTA in support of pro-democracy protests that were part of the international Arab Spring. She and other educators demanded reforms to Bahrain’s educational system, and advocated an end to the killing and suppression of protestors—a large percentage of whom were students. Read more

NEA Leaders Applaud Connecticut, Stress Teachers’ Strength

NEA Executive Director John Stocks, who recognized Connecticut on the floor of the RA Monday, stopped by the 7 a.m. CEA Caucus today to speak with members.

“All across the country, you are demonstrating that we have the resolve to fight for what’s right for our students and educators, the resilience to take a hit and bounce back, the audacity to demand respect, and the relentless will to win,” NEA Executive Director John Stocks told delegates at the NEA Representative Assembly (RA) Monday.

“In school after school, campus after campus, local after local, state after state, it is you who are giving voice to the needs of our students, educators, and public education,” he said.

Stocks specifically recognized the teachers in the Connecticut delegation for one of the important victories educators have achieved in recent months. He led the more than 7,500 delegates from across the country in applauding CEA’s success in preventing 22.5 percent of teachers’ evaluations from being tied to state mastery test scores. Read more