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New Master’s Degree Requirement Only Applies to New Graduates

_MG_3349A law that just went into effect will impact teachers getting their first Connecticut educator certificate on or after July 1, 2016, but educators who already hold a Connecticut educator certificate will not be impacted.

In 2012, the Connecticut General Assembly passed new legislation requiring a master’s degree to advance most provisional level educator certificates to the professional level. Connecticut General Statutes, Section 10-145b (g), state that “on or after July 1, 2016, to qualify for a professional educator certificate, a person who holds or has held a provisional educator certificate… shall hold a master’s degree in an appropriate subject matter area, as determined by the State Board of Education, related to such teacher’s certification endorsement area.” Read more

Final Decision on Master’s Degree Requirements Postponed Until February

CEA Policy Director Linette Branham told the State Board of Education that

CEA Policy Director Linette Branham told the State Board of Education that CEA cannot support the master’s degree proposal as it stands.

Though the State Board of Education (SBE) gave initial approval to changes to the master’s degree requirement impacting professional level certification at its meeting yesterday, the final decision about what constitutes an “appropriate subject area master’s related to a teacher’s certification endorsement” won’t be made until the SBE meets in February. A small group of education stakeholders will meet in the interim to iron out important issues that still need clarification before changes go into effect.

Linette Branham, CEA director of policy, practices, research, and reform, told the SBE that CEA was part of the initial, but not final, feedback group regarding the new master’s degree proposal and has always had concerns about the interpretation of the statutory requirement included in the 2012 Education Reform Bill. Read more