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Madison Teachers Fortunate to Have Mary Rao in Their Corner

Madison teacher Mary Rao knows just how important a strong union is because, when she began her career in Fairfax County, Virginia things were very different than here in Connecticut. “I don’t remember meeting anyone from the union. I belonged to our union, but the union couldn’t do much because we had few rights. When I started teaching in Madison, Connecticut it was so nice to meet our union leaders and learn how our union was there to help teachers in need. I didn’t understand how strong and supportive a union could be until I came to Connecticut.”

After her third year teaching in Madison the Brown Middle School math and science teacher went to a contract ratification meeting and asked how she could get more involved. Someone suggested she become a building rep and, nearly 20 years later, she’s still a building rep and also serves on the union’s executive board.

“We are all the union—some members forget that and I have to remind them: you are the union,” says Rao. Read more