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CEA, Others Support Bill Protecting Teachers’ Rights to Stand Together

In a public hearing before Connecticut’s Labor and Public Employees Committee, CEA President Jeff Leake and others voiced their support of House Bill 5270, which protects the rights of teachers and others to join or remain in their union. Among other things, it prevents employers from deterring or discouraging employees from being members of their union or from learning about their union during new employee orientation.

Testifying before the Labor Committee are Rep. Anne Hughes and Attorney Dan Livingston. In a show of support behind them (L-R) are AFSCME Council 4 Executive Director Jody Barr, CEUI President Carl Chisem, SEIU 1119 President Rob Baril, CEA President Jeff Leake, and AFT CT President Jan Hochadel.

“The bill we support is important because it ensures that the relationship between unions and their members is collaborative, communicative, and inclusive,” said Leake. “It pushes back against policies that undermine this relationship, and it fights back against individuals with unimaginable wealth who actively spend it to expand their wealth at the expense of the remaining 99% of workers just trying to get by.” Read more

Special Edition of the CEA Advisor in Your Mailbox

You may have already received your special edition of the CEA Advisor—if not it will be in your mailbox soon. Like all issues, you can also read it online.

With a new school year Connecticut teachers are facing many challenges and opportunities, some familiar and some new. Learn more about

What Teachers Need to Know About the Janus Decision

In its decision in Janus vs. AFSCME, the U.S. Supreme Court struck down nearly four decades of precedent and legal protections. The Janus decision attempts to suppress teachers from speaking out for the needs of their students, public education, and their profession.

Those who are behind Janus have sought to weaken the teachers union, eliminate pensions, cut teacher salaries and benefits, and privatize public schools.

Groups like the Mackinac Center in Michigan are already trying to spread their misinformation in Connecticut. Who funds the Mackinac Center? Betsy DeVos, the Koch brothers, and corporate special interests.

Find out the truth about those who are behind the Janus decision and their real goal in urging teachers to leave their union.

Supreme Court 5-4 Decision Seeks to Undermine Worker Rights

Photo by Kate Mereand-Sinha via Flickr.

In its decision in Janus vs. AFSCME, the U.S. Supreme Court struck down nearly four decades of precedent and legal protections established by the unanimous decision in Abood vs. Detroit Board of Education. The Janus decision attempts to suppress teachers from speaking out for the needs of their students, public education, and their profession.

“This is an attack on children, teachers, nurses, firefighters, and this nation’s middle class,” said CEA President Sheila Cohen. “There would be no middle class without unions who protect their rights.”

The Janus case revolved around the issue of whether nonunion members should benefit from the wages, benefits, and protections negotiated by the union without paying the cost of the negotiations. The case was funded by corporate billionaires and special interest groups pushing their elitist agenda to take away workers’ rights. Read more

CEA, Union Leaders, Legislators Fight for Freedoms and Rights of the Middle Class

CEA President Sheila Cohen joined labor leaders from across the state and legislators at a rally today in Hartford as the U.S. Supreme Court heard oral arguments in Janus vs. AFSCME.

“Stand up. Rise up. Lift up. No justice, no peace.”

That was the rallying cry of more than 350 union workers on the steps of the Connecticut Supreme Court in Hartford today. CEA leaders were joined by labor leaders from across the state and legislators in speaking out to protect the rights and freedom of workers to negotiate together and fight for decent and equitable pay, affordable health care, quality schools, and vibrant communities.

Workers held simultaneous rallies in three other cities across Connecticut—New Haven, Stamford, and Storrs—as oral arguments were heard in the U.S. Supreme Court in the Janus vs. AFSCME case which threatens to take away worker’s collective rights and freedoms of the middle class. Read more

CEA County Forums Bring Members Up to Speed, Stress Need to Stand Together

Bolton teacher Dan Ayer says his colleagues in other states haven’t fared as well as teachers in Connecticut, where the union is strong.

Teachers across Connecticut are coming out to their local CEA County Forums to stay on top of new threats to their profession and public education—and to learn how they can protect themselves.

Top among those threats is a court case that aims to weaken teachers’ ability to collectively bargain for fair salaries, benefits, and working conditions. Janus vs. AFSCME, which will be decided in the coming months, is nearly identical to the Friedrichs case that teachers faced in 2016, said CEA Executive Director Donald Williams. Janus would do away with fair share fees, allowing those who do not pay dues to still benefit from the union’s efforts, all in an attempt to weaken unions and mute teachers’ collective voice. Read more

Look for the CEA Advisor in Your Mailbox

The December 2017 – January 2018 edition of the CEA Advisor will be in your mailbox this week. It’s already available to read online. Don’t miss these and other stories.

Connecticut Teachers Honored for Innovation, Excellence

More than 100 teachers took the stage at a ceremony naming the 2018 Teacher of the Year and honoring all the great educators who innovate and inspire.

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