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Congressman Courtney’s Bill to Repeal Health Care Tax Passes House

Connecticut Congressman Joe Courtney has been fighting for a decade to repeal a tax on health care plans. His bill overwhelmingly passed the House this week.

This week the U.S. House of Representatives voted 419-6 to approve Congressman Joe Courtney’s Middle Class Health Benefits Tax Repeal Act of 2019. This bill would do away with a looming tax on higher-cost health care plans that would disproportionately affect those in high cost of living areas and groups with higher percentages of women, people with families, and older employees.

“Teachers have continued to accept salary freezes and cuts in order to save their health care coverage,” says CEA President Jeff Leake. “This tax would be devastating for educators, and we thank Congressman Courtney for his advocacy.” Read more

West Hartford Teachers Wear #RedforEd to Support Contract Negotiations

“If you were wondering why there are so many people wearing red in the audience tonight, it’s to show support for the contract negotiations with the Board of Education— to improve teachers’ working conditions, salaries, and health benefits,” said West Hartford Education Association Negotiations Chair David Simon.

West Hartford Education Association members arrived to the Board of Education meeting early last night to show support for their negotiations team.

More than 100 West Hartford teachers wearing #redfored crowded into Town Council chambers to show their support for Simon’s remarks during public comment at a Board of Education meeting last night.

Teacher contract negotiations in West Hartford are at a standstill over the issue of health insurance. The West Hartford Education Association, representing more than 800 teachers, has asked the town to move teachers to the State Partnership Health Insurance plan. Read more

Health Care Bill with Big Savings for Teachers Passes State Legislature

Many teachers will soon have access to substantial savings on health care costs thanks to a new bill that passed the State House of Representatives last night. The bill, which the State Senate had already passed and Governor Malloy indicated he will sign, gives Local Associations the option of joining the state employee health care plan.

Local Associations that choose to join the state employee health care plan will be able to share risk with a much larger pool of state and municipal employees — which will help to hold down premium costs. Costs in many towns are currently unnecessarily inflated due to the small size of employee pools. Read more

Big Savings for Towns in Health Care Pooling Bill

There’s always strength in numbers. The more individuals you can rally together, the better.

Truer words have never been spoken when it comes to teachers and health care. In fact, if teachers can get—though legislative action this year—the option of joining the state employees’ health care plan, then many educators, as well as the towns they work for, will save money.

Teachers and local taxpayers should urge their legislators to adopt Senate Bill 913. By allowing municipal employees—including educators—to join the state employees’ health care plan, SB 913 would save most towns a significant amount in municipal health care costs. Read more

CEA Joins Congressman Courtney for Announcement on Bill to Repeal Tax that Would Hurt Educators

CEA President Sheila Cohen joined Congressman Joe Courtney today at a press conference unveiling new legislation to repeal the excise tax on health benefits.

CEA President Sheila Cohen joined Congressman Joe Courtney today at a press conference unveiling new legislation to repeal the excise tax on health benefits.

CEA President Sheila Cohen joined U.S. Congressman Joe Courtney today as he unveiled legislation that would eliminate the excise tax on higher-cost health insurance plans scheduled to take effect in 2018. The Middle Class Health Benefits Tax Repeal Act has 65 cosponsors and would repeal the tax that unfairly burdens Connecticut educators and other members of the middle class around the country.

“The excise tax is a poorly designed penalty that will put a dent in the pocketbooks of many families and businesses with health insurance plans that do not resemble the ‘Cadillac’ plans originally targeted when this policy was adopted — instead, the excise tax will punish people living in higher cost areas, with ‘Ford Focus’ level plans,” Courtney said.

Speaking at the Washington D.C. press conference announcing the new legislation Cohen said, “The excise tax would be devastating for educators who have accepted salary freezes or cuts in order to save their health care coverage for themselves and their families. The excise tax would cut needed benefits for the dedicated and committed educators who teach Connecticut’s children.” Read more