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Enfield Teachers Connect with Their Community Through Annual Book Drive

For members of the Enfield Teachers’ Association, three is a magic number.

For the third year in a row, teachers have collected books for young readers, giving local families a chance to build their home libraries and shape their children’s future. The first year of the event, the union collected 1,000 books; this year, the group gathered 1,589 titles in about two weeks, all of which were given to local children at Enfield’s Family Fun Festival earlier this fall.

Prudence Crandall School teachers hand out donated books at the Enfield Family Fun Festival in Enfield in September. From left to right: Jessica Soule, fourth grade teacher; Sheree Winans, fifth grade teacher; Kelly Shea, third grade teacher; and Rachel Boulette, third grade teacher.

“Being a part of this event puts us in the community in a role outside the classroom,” says ETA’s Kelly Shea, who teachers third grade at Prudence Crandall School. Shea worked the ETA table at the festival, along with several co-workers. “It reminds families and students that we care about being involved in all aspects of their lives. Sometimes students in Enfield struggle to find books to stock their home libraries, so the ETA wants to help everyone kick off a new year of learning and support families at home with these resources.” Read more