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Teacher Leadership Should Be a Redundancy in Terms, Says Former Connecticut Teacher of the Year

Teaching is a challenging profession that doesn’t always receive the recognition it should. Nevertheless, teachers must never doubt their own significance or hesitate to speak up Connecticut’s 2012 Teacher of the Year David Bosso told early-career and aspiring educators during a speech this winter at the University of Hartford.

Berlin social studies teacher David Bosso gave the first talk in the Dean’s Lecture Series at the University of Hartford’s College of Education, Nursing, and Health Professions.

“Teaching is a strange, tenuous balance between feeling empowered and humble,” Bosso told the 100 students and professors gathered for the first talk in the education department’s Dean’s Lecture Series. “We are giants. We are pillars in our communities. And any teacher who stands among great teachers, among their students, feels like they are walking among the redwoods. But even redwoods, as they reach for the sky, remain firmly rooted in the soil. On average, redwoods live over 500 years. How far into the future does our impact go?”

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Berlin Teacher to Be Inducted into National Teacher Hall of Fame

Teachers are a selfless group who choose their profession because of a love for children and teaching, not for any expectation of accolades or honors. And that makes those times teachers are recognized and have a chance to be in the spotlight all the more special.

Berlin Superintendent Brian Benigni, Education Commissioner Dianna Wentzell, National Teacher Hall of Fame representative and Joel Barlow High School teacher Christopher Poulos, and CEA President Jeff Leake congratulate David Bosso on his induction into the National Teacher Hall of Fame.

Berlin social studies teacher Dr. David Bosso had a student finishing a quiz at the end of the school day today and was afraid he was going to be late for a faculty meeting. When he arrived just in time he was surprised to see his colleagues joined by a number of special guests, and to learn that what he thought was a routine meeting was in fact a celebration in his honor.

Bosso, Connecticut’s 2012 Teacher of the Year, is one of only five 2019 inductees into the National Teacher Hall of Fame. Read more