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Lessons on Involvement and Activism Focus of CEA-Retired Conference

CEA-Retired President William Murray introduced State Treasurer Shawn Wooden, a speaker at today’s CEA-Retired fall conference.

“As you know, many groups out there in the wider world, don’t like unions but they also don’t like pensions. They’re out to cut down pensions and undermine them in whatever way they can,” CEA Executive Director Donald Williams told CEA-Retired members at their annual fall conference this morning.

Luckily Connecticut active and retired teachers understand how important it is to have their voices heard in the political process and turned out in record numbers for last year’s state elections—electing many pro-public education candidates, including State Treasurer Shawn Wooden, one of the speakers at today’s conference.

“Last year we elected a treasurer who successfully fought to reamortize the Connecticut Teachers’ Retirement Fund while preserving pension benefits,” said CEA-Retired President William Murray. Read more

State Treasurer Applauds Educators, Outlines Teacher Retirement Plan at CEA Summer Conference

Speaking at the CEA Summer Conference, State Treasurer Shawn Wooden tells Connecticut teachers, “A profession as noble as teaching deserves retirement security.”

“A profession as noble as teaching deserves retirement security,” State Treasurer Shawn Wooden told hundreds of Connecticut public school teachers this morning, to resounding applause. “I support you, the hard work you do every day, the strength you bring to the classroom, the minds you are shaping, and the promise of what we are working together to achieve.”

Wooden, whose plan to stabilize Connecticut’s teacher retirement fund was a crucial victory for teachers and taxpayers this past legislative session, gave the keynote address this morning at CEA’s Summer Conference, where more than 500 educators gathered for two days of networking and professional development.

“Thanks to the plan crafted and promoted by State Treasurer Wooden and championed by CEA, the long-term solvency of the teacher retirement fund is secure,” said CEA President Jeff Leake.

“For decades, the state underfunded teacher pensions, putting educators’ retirement at risk, but Treasurer Wooden had the foresight and a sound proposal to set things right for educators today and into the future.”

Leake called upon teachers to continue building relationships with elected officials and others.

“It’s about strengthening our profession and continuing to influence positive change. Our union demands it.” Read more