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CEA Meetings Happening Now Around the State. Get Involved.

At last night’s Windham County Forum, CEA President Jeff Leake shared with members how they can learn more about candidates running for president. 

CEA’s first round of 2019-2020 county forum meetings is running now through Oct. 30. Meet with your colleagues and local union leaders to hear about issues impacting education and your profession, and learn how you can advocate for yourself, your students, and public education.

Attend a CEA county forum near you, and encourage your colleagues to join you. Click here for dates, locations, and more information.

At yesterday’s Windham County Forum, CEA President Jeff Leake shared with teachers how they can learn more about candidates running for president. NEA has compiled information on all major party candidates’ positions on education issues so that teachers can be informed education voters.

“It doesn’t matter if you’re a Democrat, Republican, or Independent,” Leake said. “We want to raise the voice of educators and make sure candidates have education issues top of mind as they’re running their campaigns.”

He added, “Everything that you do, everything that affects the kids in your classrooms—including the resources available to teach them, comes about because of political decisions. We need to be involved with the political process. We’re not going to get anywhere with Betsy DeVos over the next 5 years.”

Click here for county forum registration information.

More County Forums Next Week: Come and Talk to Your Legislators

North Haven teacher and local president Tom Marak talked to his legislators recently in Hamden.

With a proposed state budget that would divide Connecticut’s school districts into winners and losers and saddle towns with one-third of the cost of their teachers’ pensions, it’s vital that legislators hear loud and clear from CEA members.

It’s especially important to speak to your legislators now as some are considering a dangerous plan that would divert funding from local neighborhood schools

Make sure your legislators know where you stand. Forums for teachers who live or work in Fairfield, Litchfield, Middlesex, and New London Counties are scheduled for next week.

Email the contact for your county (see below) to attend a forum near you.

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Make Your Voice Heard: Share Your SBAC Experiences with State Committee


Donald Williams, CEA’s director of Policy, Research, and Reform, and Marcia Ferreira, a Windsor literacy coach, are CEA’s representatives on a new statewide committee examining testing. They are attending meetings around the state to hear from educators.

Representatives on the new state committee examining annual statewide tests need to hear your personal stories about SBAC’s effect on your students. CEA leaders have raised strong concerns about the reliability and validity of SBAC and want to share educators’ concerns, challenges, and suggestions with state education officials and others.

Educator Marcia Ferreira, a Windsor literacy coach, and Donald Williams, CEA’s director of Policy, Research, and Reform, are CEA’s representatives on the new Mastery Examination Committee created by the legislature to examine annual mastery assessments. This month they are attending CEA County Forums around the state to hear your suggestions about ways to fix Connecticut’s flawed testing system, and will bring your ideas back to the Mastery Examination Committee. Read more