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Know, Lead, Act — Attend a CEA County Forum Near You

Enfield teachers Ann-Lynn Moffett, Michele Wilcox, and Delores Weir attended a CEA Hartford County Forum last January.

CEA’s first round of county forum meetings runs October 9-24. Meet with your colleagues and local union leaders to hear about issues impacting education and your profession, and learn how you can advocate for yourself, your students, and public education.

Attend a CEA county forum near you, and encourage your colleagues to join you.

Click here for dates, locations, and more information.

CEA County Forums Bring Members Up to Speed, Stress Need to Stand Together

Bolton teacher Dan Ayer says his colleagues in other states haven’t fared as well as teachers in Connecticut, where the union is strong.

Teachers across Connecticut are coming out to their local CEA County Forums to stay on top of new threats to their profession and public education—and to learn how they can protect themselves.

Top among those threats is a court case that aims to weaken teachers’ ability to collectively bargain for fair salaries, benefits, and working conditions. Janus vs. AFSCME, which will be decided in the coming months, is nearly identical to the Friedrichs case that teachers faced in 2016, said CEA Executive Director Donald Williams. Janus would do away with fair share fees, allowing those who do not pay dues to still benefit from the union’s efforts, all in an attempt to weaken unions and mute teachers’ collective voice. Read more

Don’t Be Left in the Dark

A great deal is happening at both the state and federal levels that impacts the teaching profession and your work with students.

Learn how you can get involved in the union to advocate for teachers, students, and public education. CEA members are stronger together. Unite in support of our students, our profession, and our union.

Click here to register for a County Forum near you.

Teachers Share Input on Teacher Evaluation, Common Core & More

Teachers are making their voices heard—talking to legislators and offering input on implementation of new federal education law. CEA County Forums around the state offer teachers an opportunity to meet CEA-endorsed candidates for elected office and share important information about what is going on in their classrooms.

Watch what teachers and legislators are saying about the forums and why you should attend. Then click here to register for an upcoming forum.

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Teachers on Why You Need to Attend a CEA County Forum

It’s your opportunity to help improve education policy in Connecticut: Don’t miss out.

Litchfield teachers were the first to take part in a CEA County Forum this fall, and they had a lot to say about how the Every Students Succeeds Act should be implemented in Connecticut. Teachers’ input is invaluable in determining how the new law will impact our students and our profession.

Watch why Litchfield County teachers say you should attend a forum in your county. Register to attend a forum today.

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