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Education Coalition Presses for Fair, Transparent Funding Formula

CEA President Sheila Cohen said that the CARES Commission would create a dependable system for distributing state public education funding.

“This is investing—investing in our state’s future and the future of our students,” said CEA President Sheila Cohen, describing a plan that would create a commission charged with pursuing an open, transparent, and equitable funding system for public schools—one of the state’s greatest assets.

Representing the seven-member Connecticut Coalition for Public Education (CCPE) at a news conference Wednesday, Cohen called for the creation of the Connecticut Achievement and Resource Equity in Schools (CARES) Commission. CARES would develop a long-term, strategic plan for addressing the state’s constitutional obligation to fund public schools, ensuring that all students have the opportunities to succeed.

“As lawmakers continue their work in this difficult budget climate,” she said, the coalition provides a means for “addressing education funding in a timely, deliberate, transparent manner, providing ongoing analysis and recommendations for the future.” Read more

An Open Letter to State Legislators

“Increasing property taxes for residents is not the comprehensive solution Connecticut needs to balance the state budget. We need a budget that works for all of us,” a coalition of ten organizations, which includes CEA, has written legislators.

Proposals to balance the state budget by shifting costs to cities and towns don’t sit well with Connecticut voters. The coalition of education organizations and groups representing cities and towns is urging legislators to reject these proposals.

Join us. Contact your legislators.

Tell your legislators to oppose any plans that will shift the cost of teacher retirement contributions from the state to cities and towns. A cost shift will lead to higher local property taxes and cuts to much-needed services in our communities.

Read the coalition’s open letter to legislators.