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Teachers Share How Much They Spend on Their Classrooms With NBC Connecticut

Teachers know well how much they and their colleagues sacrifice for their students, but the general public isn’t always aware how much teachers give. This week, NBC Connecticut is spotlighting just how much teachers contribute out of their own pockets to make sure their students have what they need.

NBC Connecticut partnered with CEA and AFT Connecticut to distribute a survey that was completed by hundreds of Connecticut teachers in August and early September. That survey found 18 percent of public school teachers expect to spend more than $1,000 of their own money on classroom supplies this year, and 38 percent expect to spend $500 – $1,000.

A number of teachers from around Connecticut were interviewed for the NBC Connecticut segments, including CEA President Jeff Leake.

If you missed the first part of the investigative report last night, you can watch it here. The second half airs tonight at 11 p.m.

How Much Are You Spending on Your Classroom? Take the Survey

Teachers go above and beyond in so many ways—and one of those is the amount you spend each year, out of pocket, on classroom supplies. This back-to-school season, CEA is partnering with NBC Connecticut and AFT Connecticut to find out just how much Connecticut teachers are spending.

Please take the survey today—and share it with other teachers you know.

The survey is completely anonymous unless you choose to submit your name. Simply fill out how much you spend and detail what kind of supplies you purchase. Teachers report spending money on everything from pencils and paper to food to hygiene supplies for students.

Stay tuned by subscribing to BlogCEA, and we’ll share the results when the survey closes. CEA plans to collaborate on other projects and surveys with NBC Connecticut going forward to highlight the vital work going on in our public schools.