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Proposed Budget Divides Schools, Communities into ‘Clear Winners and Losers’

winnerslosers-fb-no-textGovernor Malloy today released a budget proposal that would shift significant costs for public education and teacher pensions to cities and towns that are already struggling. In his budget address this afternoon, Malloy described “a broken, disparate system where towns are pitted against one another, constantly fighting for limited state dollars.” If the General Assembly approves his plan, however, most Connecticut cities and towns—137 of them—will actually lose critical state aid and be saddled with one-third of the cost of their teachers’ pensions.

Some municipalities would face cuts in state aid close to $12.9 million (Groton and Milford would be hit hardest), and communities are scrambling to figure out how to cover critical education costs. The governor is asking Connecticut’s cities and towns to contribute $407.8 million in pension costs next fiscal year. Read more