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Imposing Charters Not the Answer for Urban Communities

Dr. Andre Perry. Photo by  Bart Everson

Dr. Andre Perry. Photo by Bart Everson via Flickr.

The NAACP and the Black Lives Matter movement have both recently criticized the way some charter schools are run, highlighting their negative effects on black communities. Dr. Andre Perry, the former founding dean of urban education at Davenport University in Grand Rapids and the CEO of the Capitol One-University of New Orleans Charter Network, explains why some are coming to see the imposition of charter schools as harmful.

“The reason why black schools are not doing well is because black communities are not doing well,” Perry told Michigan Public Radio. “When you break up school districts, when you disrupt school boards, you are eroding black power.”

He added, “I think there’s been a disproportionate effort to apply charter schools to black communities instead of allowing black communities to reform themselves.” Read more