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Showcase Your Local’s Newsletter or Website

Does your local have a newsletter or website? We want to know about it!

The annual CEA Newsletter and Website Competition recognizes teachers and locals who promote communication with Association members. This year, the entry process is completely online and easier than ever.

Click to Enter.

The deadline for entering is February 23, and winners are recognized at the CEA Representative Assembly in May.

Nominate Your Colleagues for CEA’s Human and Civil Rights Awards

Educators live in a world filled with challenges and threats to their profession and their schools. In spite of these challenges, educators go above and beyond to find innovative ways to support and influence students and public education.

CEA’s Human and Civil Rights Awards provide an opportunity to acknowledge these dedicated and diverse men and women for advancing human and civil rights, and standing up for public schools.

Honor one of your colleagues with a nomination for a CEA Human and Civil Rights Award.

Click here for details. The nomination deadline is February 2, 2015. Read more

Nominate a Colleague for CEA’s Human & Civil Rights Awards

Rosaria Frumento was the 2012 recipient of the CEA Award for Leadership in Hispanic Educational and Community Relationships. Frumento, at left, is an English Language Learners teacher at Walsh Intermediate School in Branford.

You have until February 1 to nominate your colleagues for a CEA Human and Civil Rights (HCR) Award. Don’t miss this opportunity to showcase a talented educator. Find out more and submit your nomination online here.

Not sure what to include in your nomination materials?  To see a model HCR Award nomination packet, click here.

Awards will be presented during an inspiring dinner at CEA’s Summer Leadership Conference in August.

The 2012-2013 HCR Awards are:

  • Susan B. Anthony – Prudence Crandall Equality Award
  • Mahatma Gandhi – Martin Luther King Jr. Peace Award
  • Harvey Milk – Sylvia Rivera Award for Challenging Discrimination Related to Gender Identity and Sexual Orientation
  • Katherine Dunham Award
  • Helen Keller – Anne Sullivan Memorial Award
  • John Rogers Memorial Award
  • CEA Award for Leadership in Hispanic Educational and Community Relationships
  • CEA Humanitarian Award for Leadership in Recent Immigrant Educational and Community Relationships
  • CEA Presidential Award – Henry Barnard Memorial Award