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NEA Members Successfully Pressure Company to Leave ALEC

no-to-alecWhen teachers come together and stand up to the forces behind privatizing our public schools they can make a big difference.

A major force pushing privatization, the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC), has made headlines in recent years for advancing extreme right-wing legislation and attacking public schools and unions. A number of businesses support ALEC financially, making its attacks possible.

This September, Enterprise Holdings, Inc. (comprising the brands Enterprise, Alamo, and National Rent-A-Car – EAN), came under fire in the media for its paid association with ALEC.

NEA Member Benefits, which is dedicated to maximizing NEA members’ hard-earned dollars through consumer discounts and special travel and leisure offers, had enjoyed a successful, long-term business partnership with Enterprise. When Enterprise’s association with ALEC came to light, NEA members quickly came together and voiced their opposition. Read more