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Step Up for Public Schools Every Day

A Message from CEA President Sheila Cohen

Thank YouThis week marks American Education Week (AEW). Thank you all for your hard work day in and day out, before school and after school, evenings and weekends, summers and holidays. Thank you for the dedication and commitment that you—our CEA members—put forth for the benefit and well-being of your students.

During this week, there will be plenty of kind words to go around. I hope you enjoy the full measure of the pride and appreciation that you so deserve. But I also encourage you to remind people that the spirit of the AEW commemoration of public school success needs to be celebrated for more than just one week. It must be more than a mere moment in time.

As difficult as it may be for those of us who serve in what is probably the most humble of professions, it does indeed fall to us to do the reminding— telling our success stories and letting everyone in the public, as well as in the private sectors, know just how wonderful, just how effective, and just how highly qualified we truly are! Read more