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Learning about Independence Day

Learn about the people and ideas that influenced the writing and adoption of the Declaration of Independence and how the 4th of July has been celebrated over the years with these lessons, activities, and other resources.

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Watching the Summer Night Sky

Summer is officially here! And what better time to brush up on your stargazing skills and get ready to enjoy humankind’s first TV, the night sky. These lessons, activities, and resources will help you locate and identify celestial objects with equipment as basic as your own eyes.

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Summer Reading: Resources, Book Lists, and Activity Ideas

When it comes to summer, reading may not be the first thing—or even in the top ten things—kids have in mind! But reading can be the ideal summer activity. It’s fun, portable, can involve the whole family, and will help children academically.

These resources can help you put good books into kids’ hands and connect them to vibrant summer learning adventures. Read more

Staying Cool at School

There are still weeks of school left to go in some Connecticut districts and, with temperatures in the mid-90s, some schools sent children home early today. For schools without air conditioning, these last, summer-like days present a challenge.

Connecticut state law does not set a maximum temperature for public school buildings. Many children are better off at home on a hot day, but when students don’t have air conditioning in their house or apartment, school can sometimes be the safer option. Read more

11 Resources for Teaching Flag Day

Check out these curriculum resources for teaching the history and meaning behind the “Stars & Stripes.”

History of the Stars & Stripes

  • Flag Day Celebrated
    A brief description of Flag Day for students in grades K-5 with images and audio files.
  • Today in History: June 14th: Flag Day
    Text, images, songs, and links to additional resources for grades 6-12.
  • Our Flag ( PDF, 11.4 MB, 56 pgs.)
    A background resource with history and images of the flags of the United States and other historical flags, proportions and anatomy of the flag, flag laws and regulations, flag etiquette, images of state and territory flags, brief history of Flag Day, and more.
  • Flag Timeline
    An illustrated timeline of flags for 1775 to a proposed flag with 51 stars.

Read more

Promoting Physical Fitness

Get active, stay fit, and have fun doing it with sports, games, and activities described in the following lesson plans and resources.

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10 Free Things for Mother’s Day

Celebrate Mom with these free resources, activities, and gifts.

1. Acrostic Mother’s Day Poems

Students in grades 1-2 write acrostic poems for Mother’s Day.

2.Pop Up Mother’s Day Card

Step-by-step instructions for making a pop up flower card. K-5 Read more

Bringing Poetry to the Classroom

Celebrate National Poetry Month with these lessons, activities, and video/audio readings.

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Lessons, Activities, and Curriculum Resources to Usher in Spring

Leaves are finally appearing on trees and daffodils and tulips are blooming—spring is here!

Below are lessons, activities, and videos to prepare students for the sights, smells, and sounds of Spring.

Earth Day Curriculum Resources

Earth Day is April 22. Explore new and review familiar ways to live responsibly with these lessons, projects, activities, and games.

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