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Waterbury Building Rep Brightens Reed School for Colleagues

Building reps are often a teacher’s first point of contact when questions arise—ranging from practical matters to sensitive subjects. They are their colleagues’ contract enforcer, organizer, and spokesperson.

A building rep’s job is vital, but it’s time-consuming, and often receives little thanks.

That’s why, here at CEA, we’re recognizing building reps around the state for their dedication to their colleagues and their willingness to devote time out of their busy schedules to this important job.

Building Rep Ricardo Gibson has been a physical education and health teacher at Reed School in Waterbury for six years, but this is his first year as a building rep. Read more

Teachers Share How They Inspire Their Students and Make a Difference

Our students need dedicated, caring teachers to succeed. That’s the message of an ad campaign CEA has been running this month.

The ads showcase the importance of every student and every teacher.

Several of the teachers who participated in the commercial shoot took the time to share why they love teaching and how they inspire their students and make a difference in their lives.

Here’s what some of them had to say. Read more

CEA-Retired Member’s Work Highlighted by NEA

NEA Today is featuring retired educators who are still making a difference—and one of those highlighted is Connecticut’s own Jon-Paul Roden. A former CEA-Retired president, Roden was recently elected to his second term on the NEA-Retired Executive Council.

Read about Roden’s continuing contributions to the teaching profession below.

Jon-Paul Roden
Computer Science Teacher, Vernon, Connecticut

When Jon-Paul Roden started teaching in 1965, he needed to take on a second job to help supplement his income. This side job, along with others, made him eligible for Social Security benefits when he retired in 2000. His colleagues who didn’t take outside work and had only teaching pensions were left without a Social Security benefit, and most importantly, the Medicare Part B coverage. Read more

Bloomfield Teacher, Softball Coach Scores Winning Run for Students

Coach Mary Kay Rendock, at right, and assistant coach Lauren Serafino, at left, with last year’s 5th-8th grade softball team.

Ninth-grade girls in Bloomfield have been arriving at the high school and joining the varsity softball team never having touched a glove before. Without a town league or a middle school team, there were few opportunities for students to play.

Now all of that is changing, thanks to the time and dedication of Carmen Arace Intermediate School math instructional coach Mary Kay Rendock.

It’s not just about teaching students what a strike zone is and how to swing a bat, though. For Rendock, the relationships students develop and the confidence the sport offers are what truly make the experience worthwhile.

“Being on a team is really special,” says Rendock. Read more

Watch: Torrington Community Celebrates Music Education

In an era when arts and music education sometimes lose out to subjects more easily assessed by standardized tests, Torrington is being recognized for choosing a different path. For the 17th consecutive year, Torrington has been named one of the best communities nationwide for music education by the National Association of Music Merchants.

The commitment Torrington teachers, students, parents, and community members have made to music education was on display this spring at the All City Elementary Honors Orchestra & Band Concert. Fifth graders from all five of the districts’ elementary schools, along with their middle and high school mentors, came together under the direction of band director Ashlee Casko and orchestra director Tia Ward-de Leone for an evening performance that left parents and community members deeply inspired and impressed.

East Hartford Teacher Helps Students, Families, and Faculty Commit to Stay Fit

A group from last year’s Commit to Stay Fit program in East Hartford.

Leading into May—National Physical Fitness and Sports Month—the last week of April is Every Kid Healthy Week, which shines a spotlight on students’ health and wellness and the link between nutrition, physical activity, and learning.

“Healthy kids are better prepared to learn,” says Monique Butler, a fifth-grade teacher and building rep at O’Brien Elementary STEM School in East Hartford, which kicks off its own celebration this Wednesday with Commit to Stay Fit: Children and Families. The program, now in its seventh year, promotes wellness, good nutrition, and exercise habits. Read more

Danbury Students and Teachers Celebrate Cultural Diversity Thanks to Carnival

Rogers Park Middle School in Danbury used to hold a Hispanic Heritage Month event, but as students from Brazil, Portugal, Haiti, and numerous other countries made up larger and larger shares of the student body teachers sought out a more inclusive celebration.

Then they hit upon Carnival. The festive season is celebrated in countries around the world, including many where Danbury students and their families hail from.

The school recently held its second annual Carnival Around the World featuring songs, dances, and more from many cultural backgrounds. Watch the celebration and students’ and teachers’ reactions below.

Connecticut Teachers Share Their Winter Holiday Celebrations

How do you celebrate the holidays with your students? Here are just some of the ways CEA members and their students are having fun during the last days before December break.

Read more

East Lyme Kindergartners Make the Holidays Brighter for Others

Thanks to the efforts of their teachers and parents, kindergarten students at Flanders Elementary School in East Lyme had the opportunity to find out how good it feels to give this holiday season. Through the Holiday Bear Project kindergarten teachers at Flanders organized their students to purchase gifts for thirteen needy children who attend another Connecticut school.

The Connecticut Education Foundation (CEF), CEA’s charitable arm, runs the Holiday Bear Project every fall to assist families who otherwise wouldn’t be able to provide holiday gifts for their children.

Kindergarten teacher Caryn Novick said her students got a lot out of participating in the Holiday Bear Project.

“As the donations came in, the kids really enjoyed watching the bags get bigger and bigger,” she said. “They were very excited to see all of the toys and clothes.”

CEA Vice President and CEF President Jeff Leake went to East Lyme to collect the wrapped donations.

“The kindergartners were excited to be part of the Holiday Bear Project and excited to be watching their packages leave,” Leake said. “It was really a great morning.”

Thank you to all the teachers and students around Connecticut who participated in the Holiday Bear Project this year and helped make the holidays brighter for over 500 children!

Connecticut Teachers Share Their School Thanksgiving Celebrations

How do you celebrate Thanksgiving with your students? Teachers and schools recognize the Thanksgiving holiday in a wide variety of ways depending on the grade level and subject matter they teach.

Here are just some of the ways CEA members and their students and schools are giving thanks.

Read more