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Gratitude Helps Reduce Stress

Learn how taking a few minutes for gratitude meditation can increase positive feelings. Giving yourself regular reminders of what you’re most grateful for can have a powerful impact on your body and mind.

Find out more by watching this week’s CEA Mindful Moment video.


Science Teacher Finds Novel Way to Help Healthcare Workers

When Brookfield High School science teacher Heather Biancheri learned of the impact COVID-19 was having on members of her community, she did what many fellow educators around the state began doing: helping those most vulnerable with food delivery and more.

“I began volunteering to deliver food each week to senior citizens to keep at-risk people safe at home,” she says. She also used social media to help educate others about the pandemic.

Brookfield High School teachers Stephanie Vivas and Heather Biancheri collect PPE for their charity, PPE Donations for CT. (They note that they ensure social distancing and that the photo was taken before masks were mandated in Connecticut.)

Soon, however, the 17-year veteran teacher stumbled upon a unique and critical source of support she could also provide. With schools closed and science labs standing empty, Biancheri realized she had a surplus of much-needed gloves, gowns, and other personal protective equipment that were in short supply at hospitals and other healthcare facilities. She knew other science teachers were also sitting on PPE gold mines in their schools.

“I considered the amount of PPE that would be easily collectable from our school labs,” she says. “Realizing that no one had begun to undertake this process, this is where I began my journey to support our community.” Read more

With Distance Learning Now Continuing Into June, Governor Discusses Plans for Safe Return to School

Keeping school buildings closed for the academic year “breaks my heart,” Governor Lamont said at a press conference this afternoon. However, despite the governor’s hope that students might be able to return to school for a few weeks, after hearing from superintendents, parents, and teachers, he concluded “this was no time to take that risk.”

“While this decision to cancel is not welcomed by students, parents, or educators, we know that we have to continue to look at this as a safety issue,” said Education Commissioner Miguel Cardona.

He continued, “For students listening, your school year has not ended, your teachers and district school leaders and staff are committed to supporting your learning through the remainder of the school year. While we know it’s not the same, on this Teacher Appreciation Day, I want to acknowledge all the educators who have given tirelessly to their students while tending to their own families and caring for their loved ones—thank you. We have a month left of classes. Let’s finish strong, Connecticut.” Read more

Danbury Teachers Deliver on Their Promise to Students

The food pantry boutique at Broadview Middle School in Danbury.

Before the COVID-19 pandemic hit, many students attending Broadview Middle School participated in the “Backpackers Program” of the Connecticut Food Bank. Through this program, students at risk of hunger over the weekends were supplied food that was delivered in prepackaged bags. In addition to this program, Broadview created “The Broadview Boutique” to provide gently used clothing and shoes, recycled gym uniforms, school supplies, and toiletries to students in need.

“We often added to the food bank with donations from teachers and a few others,” says Christine Miller, a social skills counselor at Broadview. “The mother-in-law of one of our behavior analysts is an amazing couponer, and she often contributed to our supplies.”

At the end of last school year, however, the Connecticut Food Bank ended the Backpackers Program and replaced it with an additional mobile pantry on the third Thursday of each month at Rogers Park Middle School.

“We quickly realized that many of our students’ families would not be able to access the mobile pantry for lack of transportation or because of work conflicts,” Miller recalls. “We knew we needed to continue with what we called our ‘Friday food’ but had no idea how to provide for over 20 students every week.” Read more

CEA Supports Decision to Keep Schools Closed

CEA applauds Governor Lamont for listening to public health experts in his decision to close schools for the remainder of this school year. Making the safety and health of students and staff the top priority will help save lives and prevent the further spread of COVID-19.

“We understand the emotion and sadness regarding closing schools and missing certain milestones and celebrations, but at this time, everyone’s top priority must be to protect the health of students and staff, and to prevent the spread of the coronavirus,” said CEA President Jeff Leake.

While there is no substitute for in-person teaching, educators will continue to provide distance learning and do all they can to keep students engaged and learning during the next several weeks, as they have been doing since mid-March. Read more

A Special Thank You From CT Education Commissioner on National Teacher Appreciation Day

Watch State Education Commissioner Miguel Cardona’s personal message to you on National Teacher Appreciation Day. Plus, watch how Connecticut students are saying thank you.



Stamford Teacher Opens Her Heart and Home to Newborn in Need

Luciana Lira arrives home with Neysel, her student’s baby brother.

Teachers often feel the tug—from parents, community members, and their own heartstrings—to go the extra mile for the students in their care, far beyond the hours of the school day or the walls of the classroom. Nowhere is that truer than in the home Luciana Lira, a Stamford ESL/native language and bilingual teacher who is now caring for a newborn whose parents and older brother—one of her Hart Magnet Elementary School students—tested positive for COVID-19.

Weeks ago, while the Stamford teacher was in the thick of adapting to remote teaching after schools closed, she received an unexpected call from the mother of one of her seven-year-old students. The woman, a Guatemalan asylum seeker, could barely speak or breathe. Clearly distressed, Zully was calling from the hospital, where she was in labor several weeks early. With no else she could contact, she reached out to her son’s teacher and asked Lira if she could get in touch with her husband, who is unable to speak, read, or write in English. Then she asked Lira if she could come to the hospital; she had just been diagnosed with COVID-19 and was about to deliver. Read more

Happy Teacher Appreciation Week!

This Teacher Appreciation Week teachers deserve our thanks more than ever. CEA Treasurer David Jedidian, President Jeff Leake, Secretary Stephanie Wanzer, and Vice President Tom Nicholas say thank you to CEA members for all that they do every day.

Mindful Moment: A Cup Of Tea

This series of short videos from CEA Teacher Development Specialist Kate Field illustrates how mindfulness can enhance the overall well being of students and teachers.

Education Funding Is Essential to Connecticut’s Future

The following op-ed by public education stakeholders appeared in today’s New Haven Register and CT Mirror.

As representatives of teachers, parents, superintendents, administrators, and education staff, we salute the medical personnel and first responders who work hard to keep us safe. We also thank the postal service, supermarket workers, janitors and those who sanitize and clean public spaces, and all others who are called upon to help meet our needs in this health crisis.

Educators also stand at the center of this new challenge. Teachers and staff, working with school board members and municipal leaders, provide critical community outreach to families and children, including lessons, meals, and services. Teachers have worked hard to preserve the fabric of daily life for students and families, and schools continue to contribute to the local and state economies.

Since the onset of the coronavirus pandemic, Connecticut educators have worked to quickly construct an unprecedented distance learning system. Their efforts have made the best of a difficult situation, and provided the best possible continuing education for Connecticut’s children. Read more