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Enfield Teachers Connect with Their Community Through Annual Book Drive

For members of the Enfield Teachers’ Association, three is a magic number.

For the third year in a row, teachers have collected books for young readers, giving local families a chance to build their home libraries and shape their children’s future. The first year of the event, the union collected 1,000 books; this year, the group gathered 1,589 titles in about two weeks, all of which were given to local children at Enfield’s Family Fun Festival earlier this fall.

Prudence Crandall School teachers hand out donated books at the Enfield Family Fun Festival in Enfield in September. From left to right: Jessica Soule, fourth grade teacher; Sheree Winans, fifth grade teacher; Kelly Shea, third grade teacher; and Rachel Boulette, third grade teacher.

“Being a part of this event puts us in the community in a role outside the classroom,” says ETA’s Kelly Shea, who teachers third grade at Prudence Crandall School. Shea worked the ETA table at the festival, along with several co-workers. “It reminds families and students that we care about being involved in all aspects of their lives. Sometimes students in Enfield struggle to find books to stock their home libraries, so the ETA wants to help everyone kick off a new year of learning and support families at home with these resources.” Read more

CEA Meetings Happening Now Around the State. Get Involved.

At last night’s Windham County Forum, CEA President Jeff Leake shared with members how they can learn more about candidates running for president. 

CEA’s first round of 2019-2020 county forum meetings is running now through Oct. 30. Meet with your colleagues and local union leaders to hear about issues impacting education and your profession, and learn how you can advocate for yourself, your students, and public education.

Attend a CEA county forum near you, and encourage your colleagues to join you. Click here for dates, locations, and more information.

At yesterday’s Windham County Forum, CEA President Jeff Leake shared with teachers how they can learn more about candidates running for president. NEA has compiled information on all major party candidates’ positions on education issues so that teachers can be informed education voters.

“It doesn’t matter if you’re a Democrat, Republican, or Independent,” Leake said. “We want to raise the voice of educators and make sure candidates have education issues top of mind as they’re running their campaigns.”

He added, “Everything that you do, everything that affects the kids in your classrooms—including the resources available to teach them, comes about because of political decisions. We need to be involved with the political process. We’re not going to get anywhere with Betsy DeVos over the next 5 years.”

Click here for county forum registration information.

Apply for an NEA Foundation Grant to Support PD or Student Success

Teachers frequently need outside funding to purchase classroom resources and to engage in meaningful professional development. The NEA Foundation has grants available to current NEA members to help with both.

NEA Foundation Student Success grants support teachers in purchasing resource materials, supplies, equipment, transportation, technology, or scholars-in-residence. The NEA Foundation is currently giving preference to proposals that incorporate STEM and/or global competence into projects.

Through the Learning & Leadership grants, the NEA Foundation supports the professional development of NEA members by providing grants to:

  • individuals to participate in high-quality professional development like summer institutes, conferences, seminars, travel abroad programs, or action research, and to
  • groups to fund collegial study, including study groups, action research, lesson plan development, or mentoring experiences for faculty or staff.

The foundation gives preference to proposals that incorporate STEM and/or global competence in their projects.

For both grants two levels of funding are available: $2,000 and $5,000. Grants fund activities for 12 months from the date of the award.

The third and final 2019 deadline for applications for both grants is coming up on October 15.

Find out more and then apply for either a Student Success grant or a Learning & Leadership grant.

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Keeping a finger on the pulse of public education in Connecticut is important—especially now, with so many expectations being made of teachers and our profession. It’s never been more important to stay up-to-date with your union and all the latest education news affecting Connecticut teachers. Here at BlogCEA we want to make sure you as a CEA member get all the news you need.

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NEA-Danbury Members Remind Board That an Investment in Teachers Is an Investment in Danbury’s Children

A sea of #RedforEd greeted Danbury Board of Education members at the Board’s meeting last night where more than 250 Danbury teachers filled the meeting room and spilled into the hallways and outside the building.

Danbury teachers wearing #RedforEd arrived early ahead of last night’s Board of Education meeting.

“We are an investment for this community,” third grade teacher and NEA-Danbury President Erin Daly told Board of Education members. “When you invest in us, you’re investing in our children. When you invest in us, you’re investing in your community. If we as a community refuse to invest in our teachers, we are revealing to our students how little we value them.”

NEA-Danbury is heading into contract mediation and members showed up at the meeting in force to present a united front. Read more

Lessons on Involvement and Activism Focus of CEA-Retired Conference

CEA-Retired President William Murray introduced State Treasurer Shawn Wooden, a speaker at today’s CEA-Retired fall conference.

“As you know, many groups out there in the wider world, don’t like unions but they also don’t like pensions. They’re out to cut down pensions and undermine them in whatever way they can,” CEA Executive Director Donald Williams told CEA-Retired members at their annual fall conference this morning.

Luckily Connecticut active and retired teachers understand how important it is to have their voices heard in the political process and turned out in record numbers for last year’s state elections—electing many pro-public education candidates, including State Treasurer Shawn Wooden, one of the speakers at today’s conference.

“Last year we elected a treasurer who successfully fought to reamortize the Connecticut Teachers’ Retirement Fund while preserving pension benefits,” said CEA-Retired President William Murray. Read more

Hartford Rally Part of Worldwide, Youth-Organized Movement Demanding Action on Climate Change

More than a thousand people turned out for a rally today in Hartford at the State Capitol, joining a worldwide movement organized by young people demanding action on climate change.

Fifteen-year-old activist Sena Wazer, a UConn freshman and organizer behind today’s rally, told the crowd, “What I really want to see come out of all of this planning that was put into today is not just one day of action. I want to know that all of you are going to go home and continue to take action.”

CEA President Jeff Leake and Executive Director Donald Williams attended the rally in support of students who are calling for action.

Read more

NEA & CEA Applaud Rep. Jahana Hayes’ Introduction of the Pell Grant Restoration Act

The National Education Association (NEA) and Connecticut Education Association (CEA) today applauded Rep. Jahana Hayes, longtime NEA and CEA member as well 2016 National Teacher of the Year, on her introduction of the Pell Grant Restoration Act, H.R. 4298.

“Jahana Hayes has spent her entire adult life fighting for students, first in the classroom and now in Congress. She knows all too well about how students—often from low-income households and communities of color—are lured into for-profit colleges only to find that the college is more focused on profits than putting students on a pathway to success. And too often, when these for-profit colleges fail, it’s the students who are left holding the bag. That is why educators applaud Rep. Hayes’s Pell Grant Restoration Act, which would allow students who were victims of predatory for-profit colleges to get a fresh start and have a second chance at a higher education with a full slate of Pell benefits,” said NEA President Lily Eskelsen García.

“Jahana knows firsthand the importance of education and the need to provide our students with opportunities to grow and succeed. We support her efforts to give students who were victims of the predatory lending practices of some for-profit colleges a second chance to secure much-needed education funds and student aid to complete their education. It’s critical for Congress to pass the Pell Grant Restoration Act, introduced by Congresswoman Hayes, to ensure all students have the chance to reach their full potential and live the American dream,” said CEA President Jeff Leake.

Educators’ Appreciation Day Is Oct. 19 at Mystic Seaport Museum

Don’t miss Educators’ Appreciation Day at Mystic Seaport Museum on October 19! CEA members and their families (up to four people total with teacher ID) will receive free Mystic Seaport Museum admission.

Don’t miss this special opportunity to explore the museum and learn more about the seaport’s educational programs and classroom connections. Education Department staff will be on hand to discuss program offerings and answer questions. In addition to the museum’s regular activities, there will be a special agenda of activities just for educators and their families. This year, the seaport is pleased to announce new full-dome technology in its planetarium for an even more immersive experience.

Click here for more information and to register.

Quality Professional Development for You From CEA

SC19-381The CEA Professional Learning Academy offers a wealth of professional development opportunities, aligned with Connecticut’s professional learning standards, to improve teaching practice and enhance student learning.

Through the CEA Professional Learning Academy, members can attend free workshops, conferences, and trainings developed by experienced educators, administrators, and experts in law and special education. CEA is a State Department of Education designated provider of professional development.

CEA offers workshops and seminars on dozens of topics, including

  • Classroom Management
  • Social Media Safety
  • Teacher Evaluation
  • Maximizing Your Time
  • Building a Culture of Empathy
  • Strategies to Help New Teachers Survive and Thrive
  • Strategies to Foster Social-Emotional Well-Being in School
  • The Gender Achievement Gap
  • Implicit Bias 101: Its Powerful Effect on Instruction and Learning
  • Section 504: An Emerging Issue for Educators
  • Mythbusters: Understanding Your Legal Rights and Responsibilities in the Special Education Process
  • Teachers and the Law
  • Knowledge Is the Best Protection: Preventing and Responding to Aggressive Student Behavior
  • PDEC Strategies to Save Time and Promote Collaboration
  • ESSA: Implications for Your District – Title I Accountability
  • Introduction to Student Trauma: Developing a Trauma-Sensitive Classroom

And more!

Check out the complete list of offerings, which are continually updated to include new strategies and address evolving needs.

For more information or to schedule a professional development workshop, contact CEA’s Professional Learning Academy at 860-525-5641 or at myprofession@cea.org.