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Teachers Share How They Inspire Their Students and Make a Difference

Our students need dedicated, caring teachers to succeed. That’s the message of an ad campaign CEA has been running this month.

The ads showcase the importance of every student and every teacher.

Several of the teachers who participated in the commercial shoot took the time to share why they love teaching and how they inspire their students and make a difference in their lives.

Here’s what some of them had to say. Read more

Teachers Speak Out Against the Teacher Tax

Thousands of teachers are emailing their legislators about the teacher tax in the latest state budget proposal. Please click here and join them.

Then read a statement from CEA President Sheila Cohen and watch why your colleagues say the teacher tax is unfair.


Teachers stand together, unequivocally opposed to a teacher tax. It will not help balance the state budget and can and must be eliminated.

Over the years, the state has not fully funded or paid its share of the teacher retirement plan— which, at 4.56%, is less than what teachers have contributed for decades. It is unfair to punish teachers with an increase in the payroll tax to pay a portion of the state’s share.

Some legislators are saying the increase in the teacher retirement payroll tax is not a tax increase. Of course it is a tax increase! Teachers should not be punished for the state’s mistakes.

Teachers do not receive Social Security and are dependent on their retirement fund. Legislators must keep their promise to teachers, who have fully funded their fair share of teacher retirement for decades.

Teacher Tax Back in Latest Budget Proposal

Legislative leaders have a new budget proposal, and once again it targets teachers with an unnecessary and unfair tax. We need you to contact your legislators today and tell them to keep their promise to teachers.

Click here to contact your legislators.

Tell legislators to remove the teacher tax from the budget before voting on it next week.

  • This is an unfair tax targeting teachers.
  • The tax on teachers will not help balance the state budget and can and must be eliminated.
  • Teachers should not have to pay for the state’s mistakes.

Click here to also contact the House and Senate leaders.

Click here for speaking points.

Marlborough Teachers Build Community While Raising Money for Scholarship

Marlborough teachers serve pasta to families at the Marlborough Education Association’s 2nd annual pasta dinner.

Every year the Marlborough Education Association (MEA) awards a college scholarship to a high school senior, and the teachers have hit upon a great way to raise scholarship funds: pasta. The MEA held its second annual pasta dinner Friday night at Marlborough Elementary School, and it was a big success.

“It’s a wonderful way to build community,” says MEA Co-President and kindergarten teacher Amy Farrior.

Co-President and second-grade teacher Pam Farrington agrees, “It’s a great way to bring families together.”

Read more

Teachers Hit the Pavement for Colleagues, Children in Need

Braving chilly morning temps, CEA members and their families came out in force today at the 24th annual Eversource Hartford Marathon. Some wore race bibs and running shoes; others staffed concessions booths or served as race monitors—but everyone worked toward the same goal: supporting students and fellow teachers through the Connecticut Education Foundation (CEF).



CEF President and CEA Vice President Jeff Leake crosses the finish line at this year’s 5K.

CEA’s charitable arm, the Connecticut Education Foundation raises money to help children and teachers facing extraordinary personal hardships. The foundation also provides scholarships for students planning teaching careers.

This is CEF’s fourth year as an official charity of the marathon. Read more

Tax on Teachers Is Back, Cost Shift Still in Play

Legislative leaders are again trying to craft a state budget, and again trying to balance the budget on the backs of students and teachers.

The teacher tax is once again being considered, along with the plan to shift the cost of teacher retirement contributions onto our cities and towns.

Contact your legislators today.

CEA members must continue to speak out and oppose these harmful proposals.

  • Reject a tax on teachers
  • Reject a cost shift
  • Invest in, don’t cut, public education


CEA Goes to Court to Block Education Funding Cuts

CEA joined with Torrington and Plainfield teachers, a Brooklyn parent and her two children, and the municipalities of Torrington, Plainfield, and Brooklyn yesterday to file a lawsuit against cuts to education in the governor’s executive order.

“We have taken this action to prevent our schools from being stripped of critical resources because that will cause irreparable harm to our students,” said CEA President Sheila Cohen. Read more

CEA, Teachers, Students, Parents, and Municipalities Take the State to Court to Prevent $557 Million in Education Funding Cuts

The Connecticut Education Association, the city of Torrington, the towns of Brooklyn and Plainfield, as well as teachers, students...

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New CEA Ad Campaign Puts Students, Teachers, and Public Schools in the Spotlight

Our public schools are filled with teachers who recognize each student’s true potential...

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Third Town Joins CEA Injunction Against Implementation of Governor’s Executive Order

The town of Plainfield, as well as teachers and students in the town, have joined the injunction to prevent Governor Malloy from implementing his executive order and cutting $557 million in education funding to cities and towns, jeopardizing the education of students and the resources and financial well-being of the state’s municipalities and their residents.

That brings to three the number of municipalities joining CEA in the suit. Last week CEA announced that Torrington and Brooklyn, as well as teachers and students in those two towns—had signed on to the injunction. All three municipalities rank high in levels of poverty, and the cuts will cause irreparable harm to students, teachers, and public schools. Read more