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Democrats to Filibuster Supreme Court Nominee With Troubling Record on Students With Disabilities

Senate Democratic leader Chuck Schumer of New York today said he will lead a filibuster against Supreme Court nominee Judge Neil Gorsuch. On the fourth and final day of the Senate hearing on the nominee, Democrats are persuaded they can’t support Gorsuch’s nomination.

Gorsuch has repeatedly ruled against students with disabilities who seek public education, consistently sided with big business at the expense of working people, and embraced extreme views that could endanger workers’ rights on issues like employment discrimination, worker safety, and wages. Read more

CEA Expresses Alarm to President Trump Over Deportation of Students

CEA is joining together with other Connecticut education stakeholders to urge President Trump to ensure that schools continue to be safe places where children, regardless of immigrant and/or citizenship status, will not have their learning interrupted.

Commenting earlier this year on President Trump’s executive order on immigration, CEA President Sheila Cohen said, “Teachers strive to create a safe and welcoming environment for our students every day. We endeavor to make sure each child recognizes his or her self worth and feels secure in order to learn and grow—emotionally and academically.”

She continued, “Teachers will stand strong together in support of our core American values and continue to champion generosity, religious freedom, and the importance of protecting our most vulnerable.”

Click here to read the letter.

CEA Workshops Create New Opportunities for Teachers

CEA President Sheila Cohen welcomed members to PD workshops this Saturday.

Nearly 200 teachers turned out for free CEA professional development workshops in Rocky Hill Saturday, making good use of the opportunity to learn, engage, and connect. Educators who teach preschool through grade 12 in districts around the state attended.

At a workshop on the growing problem of student assaults on teachers, participants learned about their rights, reporting protocol, and how their local Association and CEA can help. CEA’s Robyn Kaplan-Cho, who specializes in teacher assault laws, fielded questions about everything from restraint training to how to write an IEP that includes the necessary student and teacher supports.
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Educators Share Concerns With Legislators on Special Ed Proposals

Fairfield teacher and local president Bob Smoler testified before the legislature Thursday on a special education proposal.

Every year legislators on the Education Committee deliberate over many bills that could have a big impact on children, parents, and educators. This legislative session, special education is receiving particular attention.

Among the many bills the Education Committee heard testimony on today were one proposing a new way of funding special education in Connecticut and one that provides very prescriptive rules for parent observation, including allowing a minimum of 16 hours per parent in a school year.

Fairfield Education Association President and math teacher Bob Smoler took the time away from his busy teaching schedule to come up to Hartford to speak out on that second bill. Read more

Advocates Speak Up to Save Important Supports Provided by Community Schools

Waiting to testify at the Legislative Office Building on the importance of the CommPACT Collaborative are Fitore Kaci with her daughter Teuta, Heather Greene and her daughter Abigail, Grisell Myers, and Jocelyn Ault.

Community Schools bring together diverse services and resources to strengthen schools and improve outcomes for students. Community Schools in Connecticut have celebrated many important successes but these achievements are in jeopardy due to funding cuts in the governor’s proposed budget.

CEA joined together with teachers, parents, and community engagement experts to speak out recently at a legislative hearing against the governor’s proposed elimination of funding to the CommPACT Community Schools Collaborative. The CommPACT Community Schools Collaborative is dedicated to increasing community and parental involvement and capacity building for schools and districts, facilitating the inclusion of wrap-around services needed to strengthen student outcomes. Read more

Danbury Students and Teachers Celebrate Cultural Diversity Thanks to Carnival

Rogers Park Middle School in Danbury used to hold a Hispanic Heritage Month event, but as students from Brazil, Portugal, Haiti, and numerous other countries made up larger and larger shares of the student body teachers sought out a more inclusive celebration.

Then they hit upon Carnival. The festive season is celebrated in countries around the world, including many where Danbury students and their families hail from.

The school recently held its second annual Carnival Around the World featuring songs, dances, and more from many cultural backgrounds. Watch the celebration and students’ and teachers’ reactions below.

CEA Asks Legislators to Demand Accountability, Transparency for Charter Management Organizations

CEA Executive Director Mark Waxenberg told the Legislature’s Education Committee that charter management organizations must be subject to transparency and accountability.

CEA Executive Director Mark Waxenberg testified before the Education Committee today in favor of a bill that expands accountability and transparency for charter management organizations (CMOs) that run some of Connecticut’s publicly funded schools.

“Every dollar for public education is precious, and we need this legislation to ensure that every dollar spent by charter management organizations is spent on supporting students in those classrooms,” Waxenberg said. Read more

Happy Read Across America Day!

Students and teachers across the country celebrated Dr. Seuss’ birthday today by reading, writing, learning—and having a lot of fun.

First-grade students in Tricia Lee’s class in Windsor Locks listened to “The Cat in the Hat” before engaging in a wide variety of learning activities that all tied into popular Dr. Seuss books. Watch what the students and their teacher thought about the fun day.

CEA to Legislature’s Education Committee: Create a System That Delivers Equity and Adequacy

Calling Connecticut’s system for funding public education “irretrievably broken,” CEA Executive Director Mark Waxenberg unveiled a bold new plan to ensure...

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Shout Out for Public Schools, Westport Teachers at the Oscars

While teachers around the country are severely disappointed that we now have a secretary of education with no experience in the public schools, the silver lining is that opposition to Betsy DeVos has inspired many to stand up and draw positive attention to public schools.

Just last night at the Oscars, Westport Public Schools alumnus Justin Paul did just that. Paul used his precious seconds on stage after winning an Oscar for Best Original Song to thank not only his wife, daughter, family, and God, but also his Westport teachers and public school education.

Paul, a 2003 graduate of Staples High School, and his songwriting partner Benj Pasek won Oscars for “City of Stars,” the song they wrote for “La La Land.”

Watch his remarks below.