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Meet Your New CEA President and Vice President

CEA’s new president and vice president have officially begun their terms, and they’re ready and excited to work with members across the state to champion public education and the teaching profession.

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CEA Continues Push for Bill to Ensure Classroom Safety, Support for At-Risk Students

CEA joined other members of a classroom safety task force for the group’s first meeting at the State Department of Education today.

The legislature may have refused to override the governor’s veto of a crucial school safety bill earlier this summer, but it’s not an issue teachers will walk away from. CEA leaders and staff have been hard at work this month seeking input from the State Department of Education and other stakeholders to create a revised bill that could pass the General Assembly and be signed into law.

Today a task force consisting of CEA and 13 other advocacy organizations, State Department of Education staff, and members of the General Assembly met in person for the first time for discussions about the bill. The group seeks to provide protections for the safety of students and teachers and proactive supports to help students who cause physical injury to others. Read more

Teachers Hit the Links to Raise Money for Students in Need

More than 200 Connecticut teachers, supporters, and CEA staff hit the links at Glastonbury Hills Country Club yesterday as part of CEA’s largest fundraiser of the year to benefit public school students in need.

The Connecticut Education Foundation’s (CEF) 24th annual Hands Across the Green Golf Tournament raised thousands of dollars for The Children’s Fund, which provides eyeglasses, clothing, school supplies, and many other essentials for disadvantaged children throughout the state—as well as multiple scholarships and the Edward J. Boland Financial Assistance Fund, which helps teachers facing extraordinary hardships.

Throughout the year, teachers turn to CEF to request money for essential items for students or colleagues experiencing significant financial hardships.

CEA President Jeff Leake and CEA Vice President and new CEF President Tom Nicholas kick off the 24th annual Hands Across the Green golf fundraiser.

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How You Can Stay #UnionStrong in Response to Janus

If you're looking for more information on how to protect your rights, advocate for your profession, and thrive as a union member in the Janus era, register for the CEA Summer Conference this August 6-7...

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Connecticut Educators Reenergized by Work at NEA RA, Ready to Face New Challenges

CEA delegates to the NEA Representative Assembly (RA) are ready to utilize the power of the burgeoning Red for Ed movement to meet new challenges to public education head on

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CEA Members Inspired by Former Political Prisoner’s Commitment to Students

Bahrain teacher

Bahrain Teachers’ Association Vice President Jalila Al-Salman shared her story with CEA members.

Standing up for students and the teaching profession is central to what it means to be a teacher, but in some places around the world, it can land you in prison.

That’s what happened to Jalila Al-Salman a Bahraini teacher and vice president of the Bahrain Teachers’ Association (BTA), who is currently a guest of the CEA delegation to the NEA Representative Assembly (RA).

In 2011, Sl-Salman helped to organize teacher strikes through the BTA in support of pro-democracy protests that were part of the international Arab Spring. She and other educators demanded reforms to Bahrain’s educational system, and advocated an end to the killing and suppression of protestors—a large percentage of whom were students. Read more

Teachers Stand Strong With Their Union in Minneapolis

Bridgeport teachers Ana Batista and Tiffany Ladson Lang are just two of the more than 100 CEA members representing their colleagues in Minneapolis this week.

In her keynote address to open the NEA Representative Assembly (RA) today, NEA President Lily Eskelsen García told the more than 6,000 educators gathered at the Minneapolis Convention Center, “These are dark days, but Martin Luther King reminded us, ‘…only when it’s dark enough can you see the stars.’ And we have seen true stars align. We have seen the people march and speak up and refuse to be silent and refuse to pretend; we have seen the resistance rise.”

This RA is taking place in the wake of the recent Supreme Court decision in Janus v. AFSCME, a case bankrolled by corporate interests, which seeks to weaken labor unions and steal the voice of students and teachers. However the Janus case isn’t the only attack educators have been uniting against recently. Read more

Connecticut Teachers Join National Colleagues for 2018 NEA RA

The Minneapolis Convention Center is ready to officially welcome over 6,000 educator delegates to the NEA RA.

Some of your Connecticut colleagues are in Minneapolis this week as members of the world’s largest democratic deliberative body: the NEA Representative Assembly (RA). The more than 100 CEA members are some of the over 6,000 elected delegates who are representing their colleagues around the nation.

Delegates are more energized than ever as they begin today to set education policy just days after the Janus v. AFSCME Supreme Court decision that sided with corporate interests over working people, threatening the future of workers’ rights.

Educators from every state come together to address how the membership will stand together to build an even stronger union in the wake of Janus and tackle the major issues facing public school students and educators. Read more

What Teachers Need to Know About the Janus Decision

In its decision in Janus vs. AFSCME, the U.S. Supreme Court struck down nearly four decades of precedent and legal protections. The Janus decision attempts to suppress teachers from speaking out for the needs of their students, public education, and their profession.

Those who are behind Janus have sought to weaken the teachers union, eliminate pensions, cut teacher salaries and benefits, and privatize public schools.

Groups like the Mackinac Center in Michigan are already trying to spread their misinformation in Connecticut. Who funds the Mackinac Center? Betsy DeVos, the Koch brothers, and corporate special interests.

Find out the truth about those who are behind the Janus decision and their real goal in urging teachers to leave their union.

Supreme Court 5-4 Decision Seeks to Undermine Worker Rights

In its decision in Janus vs. AFSCME, the U.S. Supreme Court struck down nearly four decades of precedent and legal protections established by the unanimous decision in Abood vs. Detroit Board of Education.

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