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CEA Urges Hartford Healthcare and Anthem to End Negotiating Impasse

The Connecticut Education Association and its 43,000 members are calling on Hartford HealthCare and Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield to end their negotiating impasse.

“The health and lives of many thousands of Connecticut residents are being held hostage by the inability of two large corporations to reach a fair agreement,” said CEA President Sheila Cohen. “Patients in need of care all across the state are having their lives turned upside down. Hartford HealthCare and Anthem must stop posturing while those in need of care are denied access to their doctors and hospitals.” Read more

Teachers Join Senator Blumenthal in Opposition to GOP Tax Plan

Senator Blumenthal, teacher and State Rep. Joshua Hall, and West Hartford teacher Theresa McKeown spoke out against the proposal to eliminate the educator expense deduction at a press conference today at West Middle School in Hartford.

When West Hartford teacher and local Association president Theresa McKeown heard that the Republican tax plan would eliminate the popular educator expense deduction she wanted to find out what this would mean for her colleagues.

Most teachers told her they spend $500 to $1,000 annually out-of-pocket on supplies for their classrooms—considerably above the $250 the federal government currently allows teachers to deduct from their taxes.

And what do teachers spend that money on? The list McKeown compiled is long and includes winter coats, hats, mittens, boots, calculators, binders, magazine subscriptions, snacks for students who have none, and meals to send home with students over the weekend. Read more

Showcase the Great Work in Your Local

Does your local have a newsletter or website? If the answer is yes, why not enter the CEA Newsletter and Website Competition?

The annual competition is open to all local Associations across the state and recognizes teachers and locals promoting communication. The best newsletters in five categories by size of Association membership—as well as the best new entry and best local Association website—are recognized at the CEA Representative Assembly in May.

This year, the process has been streamlined and put online, making it easier than ever to enter the competition. Entries must be received by 5 p.m. on Friday, February 23, 2018.

Click here to enter.

CEA, Teachers, Students, Parents, and Municipalities Withdraw Lawsuit

The Connecticut Education Association, the city of Torrington, the towns of Brooklyn, Stratford, and Plainfield, as well as teachers, students, and parents in those municipalities withdrew their lawsuit against the state today. The group was seeking an injunction against the governor’s executive order that cut $557 million in education funding to cities and towns.

“On Tuesday, the governor signed the bipartisan budget into law, ending the draconian education cuts that jeopardized our students’ futures,” said CEA President Sheila Cohen. “With the new budget, millions in education funding will be restored to cities and towns across the state, and a new commission will help secure the equitable distribution of funds in the future.”

Under the executive order, all four municipalities in the lawsuit sustained major cuts. The new budget, however, restores 95 percent of education funding to the majority of cities and towns across the state, including the four municipalities named in the court action. Read more

Teacher Evaluation Made Simple Thanks to CEA Guide

What happens when you find out you’re being evaluated for the first time…in June?

What if you never got feedback on your last observation—and your next one’s coming up?

Are your student learning objectives (SLOs) appropriate? Do you have any say in setting them?

Get the answers to these and other questions in CEA’s free new guide, Teacher Evaluation Made Simple, available exclusively to CEA members.

Old Saybrook Building Rep Superhero Advocates for Her Colleagues

Building reps are often a teacher’s first point of contact when questions arise—ranging from practical matters to sensitive subjects. They are their colleagues’ contract enforcer, organizer, and spokesperson.

A building rep’s job is vital, but it’s time-consuming, and often receives little thanks.

That’s why, here at CEA, we’re recognizing building reps around the state for their dedication to their colleagues and their willingness to devote time out of their busy schedules to this important job.

This week’s building rep superhero is Amber Scherber, a science teacher at Old Saybrook High School (OSHS) for the past 14 years. Read more

Statement From CEA President Sheila Cohen on Governor Signing Bipartisan Budget into Law

The governor yesterday signed the bipartisan budget into law, ending the draconian education cuts made under his Executive Order. The new budget restores essential ECS funding to cities and towns across the state. Torrington, which was cut by more than $20 million, and 138 other communities whose budgets were drastically cut, will now receive the education funding needed to ensure the continued operation of their schools and the high-quality education of their students. This was a critical step to avoid massive disruption in our schools across the state.

We appreciate that the new budget protects education funding for our students and schools, but we are disappointed that teachers were singled out and penalized with a teacher tax. While the proposed increase in the payroll tax on teachers was reduced from two percent to one percent, the monies collected from this teacher tax will not be used to help strengthen the teacher retirement fund, but will instead be pass-through revenue to the state similar to any other tax.

Our children and their futures should be a priority for every resident in Connecticut, as should their teachers, whose lives are dedicated to providing quality education.

Big Reveal: CEA Student Members Spruce Up East Hartford School

22730137_10208184110400822_5421477818806317322_n“How beautiful!” “This is so awesome!” Teachers at Langford Elementary School in East Hartford sounded like participants on an HGTV home renovation show when they walked into their staff room last Monday—but it wasn’t a team of reality show stars that had made the changes possible. It was more than 40 college students, members of the CEA Student Program.

“They were awesome and so energetic,” says East Hartford Education Association President and Langford teacher Annie Irvine, who joined the students for the weekend school beautification project. “The students worked really hard, and spent a long, full day at our school. Our custodian was really impressed by them, their work ethic, and how hard they were working to make the staff lounge a better, more inviting space.” Read more

Statement From CEA President Sheila Cohen on Passage of Bipartisan State Budget

CEA’s fight for a fair budget that invests in public education has ended in the legislature with a bipartisan agreement that does not substantially cut ECS funding or shift the cost...

Read more

Town Recognizes Teachers’ 100th Anniversary With Southington Education Association Week

The SEA held a Centennial Celebration for current and retired members at Testa’s Banquet Facility earlier this fall.

In 1917 the United States entered World War I, Ella Fitzgerald and John F. Kennedy were born, and 10 suffragists were arrested as they picketed the White House advocating for women’s right to vote. Much has changed over the last 100 years, however, as the Southington Education Association (SEA) celebrated its 100th anniversary this year, members discovered that some things, such as the importance of a strong union, stay the same.

SEA President Dan Hart says the notes from the very first meeting of the SEA, then known as the Southington Grade Teachers’ Club, show that the reason 42 teachers (all women) first gathered together was to advocate for better text books, professional development, and increased pay. Read more