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CEA Teachers, Leaders to Appropriations Committee: We Need Full, Fair Education Funding

Quality public education does not happen without adequate funding. That was the message from CEA teachers and leaders who held a news conference...

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Education and Student Leaders to Lawmakers: Help Us Take Back Our Schools

CEA President Sheila Cohen today joined East Hartford students, the CT Association of Boards of Education, and the CT Association of Public School Superintendents to demand action on school safety.

CEA joined with the Connecticut Association of Boards of Education (CABE) and the Connecticut Association of Public School Superintendents (CAPSS) in a press conference at East Hartford High School this morning demanding meaningful legislative action on school safety, including stricter gun laws and greater investment in mental health and counseling services.

The press conference comes one week after the deadly school shooting in Parkland, Florida, that claimed the lives of 17 students, teachers, and coaches. Frustrated by the lack of progress on school safety, the three groups called on politicians to follow Connecticut’s lead in the wake of Newtown, when it passed historic gun and school safety laws.

“When the unimaginable happened here in Connecticut, and 26 students and educators were gunned down at Sandy Hook Elementary School, we were shocked,” said CEA President Sheila Cohen. “We were devastated. We never imagined it would happen here. And we said enough.Read more

Stand With Us to Keep Our Schools Safe

CEA is at the forefront of efforts to draw attention to the problem of gun tragedies in our schools and spur Congress to take action to keep our schools safe and end this epidemic of mass school shootings plaguing and terrorizing our country.

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Enfield Teacher Wins Grand Prize Vacation Package from CEA Member Benefits Sweepstakes

Kim Sweeney

Enfield High School teacher Kim Sweeney (center) poses with CEA Executive Director Don Williams, CEA President Sheila Cohen, Enfield Teachers’ Association President Tod Couture, and CEA Organizer Sara Pomponi after winning the CEA Member Benefits grand prize.

When the school bell dismissed her students for Super Bowl weekend, Enfield High School building rep and business education teacher Kim Sweeney prepared to head down the hall to meet with fellow teachers. They were going to honor one of her colleagues—or so she assumed.

Little did she know, Enfield educators—along with CEA leaders and staff—had gathered to deliver one of the biggest surprises the building rep could imagine. Read more

Free Screening of Documentary About the Cost of Privatizing Public Schools

Renowned author and advocate for children Jonathan Kozol has called it “a beautiful film” that “everyone who values democratic education needs to see”and now you can watch Backpack Full of Cash at a free screening this February in New London.

Narrated by Matt Damon and directed by a teacher, the movie explores the real cost of privatizing public schools, driving home the point that public education should be a basic civil right.

The screening will take place Tuesday, Feb. 13, at 6 p.m. at Connecticut College, Olin Science Center, Room 014. Read more

CEA County Forums Bring Members Up to Speed, Stress Need to Stand Together

Bolton teacher Dan Ayer says his colleagues in other states haven’t fared as well as teachers in Connecticut, where the union is strong.

Teachers across Connecticut are coming out to their local CEA County Forums to stay on top of new threats to their profession and public education—and to learn how they can protect themselves.

Top among those threats is a court case that aims to weaken teachers’ ability to collectively bargain for fair salaries, benefits, and working conditions. Janus vs. AFSCME, which will be decided in the coming months, is nearly identical to the Friedrichs case that teachers faced in 2016, said CEA Executive Director Donald Williams. Janus would do away with fair share fees, allowing those who do not pay dues to still benefit from the union’s efforts, all in an attempt to weaken unions and mute teachers’ collective voice. Read more

Winter Round of CEA County Meetings to Focus on Janus Case

Attend an upcoming CEA County Forum January 22 – February 1 and learn about the Janus case and how we must stand together to fight against those who want to take away our hard-won salaries, benefits, and teacher voice.

Ask your local president for details.

Click here for locations and dates.

Ellington Teachers Strengthen Connections, Build Union’s Future

CEA President Sheila Cohen (center) joined members of the Ellington Education Association including Vice President Amy Bernabe and President Mark Mahler for the union’s fall social.

Sometimes teachers only think about their union when it comes to matters governed by their contract, but leaders of the Ellington Education Association (EEA) are trying to change that.

“We don’t want to just be ghostbusters—the people you call when there’s a problem,” says President Mark Mahler. “A union should be a big group that supports each other, united by a common cause.”

That’s why EEA is giving members an opportunity to relax and get to know one another better. EEA held its first social of the year at the City Sports Grille in Vernon. Read more

Big Reveal: CEA Student Members Spruce Up East Hartford School

22730137_10208184110400822_5421477818806317322_n“How beautiful!” “This is so awesome!” Teachers at Langford Elementary School in East Hartford sounded like participants on an HGTV home renovation show when they walked into their staff room last Monday—but it wasn’t a team of reality show stars that had made the changes possible. It was more than 40 college students, members of the CEA Student Program.

“They were awesome and so energetic,” says East Hartford Education Association President and Langford teacher Annie Irvine, who joined the students for the weekend school beautification project. “The students worked really hard, and spent a long, full day at our school. Our custodian was really impressed by them, their work ethic, and how hard they were working to make the staff lounge a better, more inviting space.” Read more

Don’t Be Left in the Dark

A great deal is happening at both the state and federal levels that impacts the teaching profession and your work with students.

Learn how you can get involved in the union to advocate for teachers, students, and public education. CEA members are stronger together. Unite in support of our students, our profession, and our union.

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