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Lamont: School Staff Should Continue to Work and Be Paid

Governor Ned Lamont

Governor Lamont issued an executive order yesterday requiring schools districts to continue to employ school staff during the pandemic. The order also requires state grants, including ECS and payments for special education, to continue to be dispersed to boards of education.

“We appreciate and stand with everyone on the front lines of the COVID-19 pandemic—all our health care workers, first responders, essential employees, and others—including our teachers—fighting to bring health, well-being, and normalcy to our communities,” said CEA President Jeff Leake. “Unprecedented actions are being taken in dealing with the fallout of the pandemic to keep us safe and our communities functioning. We must continue to do everything we can to reduce the heavy toll this public health emergency is having on the livelihoods of all Connecticut residents.”

Leake added, “The education community supports Governor Lamont’s critical actions in Executive Order 7R, which will, among other things, allow public school staff to continue working and receiving paychecks. The public, and especially parents understand the importance of our educators. This order will allow public school support staff to continue working with teachers creating engaging, welcoming learning environments for our children.”

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