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Updates on Teacher Certification and TEAM: Find Out More in CEA Webinar

The news regarding the coronavirus is changing daily. Teachers are doing all they can to stay safe and keep students engaged during this health crisis, but keeping up with the daily educational developments and changes can be difficult.

Join CEA tomorrow from 3:30 to 4:30p.m. for a webinar—Navigating COVID-19: Stronger Together—to share the latest developments that impact you and your students.

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Some of the most recent updates from the State Department of Education involve teacher certification and TEAM.

Effective immediately, the Bureau of Educator Standards and Certification will extend the expiration date of all Initial and Provisional Certificates (including Interim) and 5-Year Coaching Permits with expiration dates between 3/15/20 and 12/31/20 for 1-year from the date of original expiration.

This extension does not apply to permits and/or authorizations such as 90-Day Certificates, Long Term Substitute Authorizations, Durational Shortage Area Permits (DSAP), Charter School Educator Permits and Emergency Coaching Permits, nor does it apply to Resident Educator Certificates. Educators currently serving under any of the aforementioned permits/authorizations will be able to seek renewal at the time of expiration in accordance with existing policy and procedures.

Educators should continue to renew Professional Educator Certificates online or by mail at no cost to the applicant, in accordance with existing policy and procedures. Additionally, 5-Year Coaching Permit holders are reminded it is their professional responsibility to maintain current First Aid and CPR certifications.

Over the coming weeks, the Bureau of Educator Standards and Certification will automatically update new expiration dates within the Connecticut Educator Certification System (CECS) and will print and mail new certificates to those educators impacted by the change.

While TEAM has an additional year built in to the program for those who may be unable to meet their expected completion deadline, the current circumstances are unprecedented and the State Department of Education has made some additional accommodations. The deadline dates for all teachers currently participating in TEAM are as follows:

  • 9/1 deadline dates will be extended to 2/15 of the following year
  • 2/15 deadline dates will be extended to 9/1

These changes should allow teachers the time they need to complete all of their requirements. While schools are closed, teachers and mentors may continue to work together virtually. Beginning teachers may need the emotional support of their mentors as they navigate the new challenges of planning and delivering distance learning. While teachers may continue to work on their modules where it makes sense, with the extended deadline dates, it is not required that modules be completed during this time.

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