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Channel 3 Featuring Teachers, Public Schools This Week

Every night on the 11 p.m. news this week WFSB Channel 3 is putting a spotlight on what’s going on in our public schools. The stories feature the results of a survey of CEA and AFT Connecticut members.

In the first spot, which aired last night, teachers share the positive and negative effects of technology in their classrooms. The majority of teachers surveyed said they find technology to be a double-edged sword.

Watch last night’s story about technology in the classroom.

Manchester Education Association President Kate Dias, a math teacher at Manchester High School, told Channel 3 about the effects of constant cell phone use on adolescents.

“There is no question if something goes on, it can throw a kid off all day, and follows them via Instagram, and Snapchat and they are constantly messaging,” she said.

Kindergarten teacher and CREC Education Association President Lisa Cordova told Channel 3 that there are interactive iPad apps she finds useful for helping her students learn but added, “I think there is a fine line between using just enough technology and too much. It’s not a babysitter for the classroom. They need to be engaged, they need to be problem solving and not just looking at a screen.”

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