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Encouraging the Next Generation of Teachers

CEA President Jeff Leake introduces himself to members of the CEA Aspiring Educators Program.

It was a busy night at CEA Headquarters on Friday, with meetings being held for both CEA’s Board of Directors and CEA’s Aspiring Educators Program. It was the perfect opportunity for Board of Directors members, many of whom are long-time CEA members, to share with soon-to-be educators their experiences of union involvement.

Veteran CEA members know all that their union has to offer and want to make sure new and aspiring educators are aware of the many valuable resources to help them succeed in the classroom—and collectively with their colleagues as advocates for students, public schools, and the teaching profession.

The CEA Aspiring Educators Program is prospective educators’ first introduction into what, for many, becomes a lifetime of CEA membership.

Made up of students from colleges and universities around the state who are pursuing education degrees, the CEA Aspiring Educators Program offers unique opportunities in professional development, community outreach, leadership, and networking as a means of supporting future teachers’ preparation and entry into the teaching profession.

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