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Putting a Stop to Student Vaping

According to a recently released survey, nearly eight in 10 teens say that vaping touches their daily lives in some way. Vaping use among adolescents has spread rapidly in recent years, and vaping-related deaths have made national headlines.

As part of the effort to curb this trend, as of October 1 Connecticut raised the legal age for purchasing all tobacco products, including e-cigarettes, from 18 to 21. The state also expanded the Clean Indoor Air Act to include all school property, meaning all tobacco and vaping products are now prohibited from school buildings and grounds at all times.

In a letter to superintendents, Commissioner of Education Miguel Cardona encouraged districts to support tobacco use prevention efforts by sharing the memorandum and attached resources, updating district tobacco-free policies and signs on school property, addressing tobacco-use prevention through comprehensive health education, and engaging the school community in a districtwide approach to tobacco-use prevention efforts.

Read more about vaping in schools from NEA.

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