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Hartford Rally Part of Worldwide, Youth-Organized Movement Demanding Action on Climate Change

More than a thousand people turned out for a rally today in Hartford at the State Capitol, joining a worldwide movement organized by young people demanding action on climate change.

Fifteen-year-old activist Sena Wazer, a UConn freshman and organizer behind today’s rally, told the crowd, “What I really want to see come out of all of this planning that was put into today is not just one day of action. I want to know that all of you are going to go home and continue to take action.”

CEA President Jeff Leake and Executive Director Donald Williams attended the rally in support of students who are calling for action.

“I’m here to support the environment and support our young people who are taking on this vital cause,” said Leake. “They’re calling on us to take action, and we want to join them.”

CEA Executive Director Donald Williams and President Jeff Leake attended today’s rally at the State Capitol in support of young people organizing for action on climate change.

Rob Baril, President of SEIU 1199, spoke on behalf of the labor movement.

“Climate change disproportionately affects working class communities,” he said. “Real power comes from here at the Capitol, but also from people joining together in the streets. We will be with you today, tomorrow, and until we achieve climate justice for all.”

“I’m asking all of you who will be old enough to get out and vote next year, to vote for our future,” said Wazer. “In 2020 we will take back our future and we will ensure a just and secure future for all.”

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