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Enter NEA’s Strong Public Schools Poster Contest

nea-poster-contestEvery election season, the National Education Association creates public education-themed T-shirts, buttons, bumper stickers, and posters to wave at rallies and hang in classrooms. The power of NEA comes from its members—teachers’ voices, their ideas, and their creativity—so for the 2020 presidential election, NEA is looking to you to provide your best design ideas that capture the need to vote for pro-public education candidates.

Enter contest

Submit your poster design by May 31.

NEA will select six finalists, and your friends, family, and colleagues will get to vote for their favorite design. The winning design will be printed on official NEA Strong Public Schools posters, T-shirts, and other campaign materials for the 2020 election season.

Plus, the winning designer will get…

First place: $2,500 cash prize and donation of $500 in art supplies to the winner’s school

Second place: $1,000 cash prize

Third place: $500 cash prize

Click here for contest rules and entry information.

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