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CEA Joins Rally Calling for Moral Budget


CEA President Jeff Leake (far right) joins a rally at the State Capitol calling on legislators and the governor to pass a moral budget: one that includes fair and equitable public school funding. 

DUE Justice, a coalition of organizations demanding a fair, just, and moral budget, came together for a rally at the State Capitol this afternoon.

The coalition, which includes CEA and AFT Connecticut, is asking the governor and legislators to pass a budget that fully funds neighborhood public schools, makes housing and healthcare affordable, protects vital public services and the environment, promotes racial and gender equity, and supports collective bargaining so that workers can negotiate a fair return on their work.

Teachers were among the many rally participants.

CEA President Jeff Leake, who attended the event, said that teachers see firsthand how poverty and inequality affect students, families, and communities and are moved to advocate for positive change.

“Every day, teachers throughout our state work to improve the lives of their students,” said Leake. “Many of those students arrive at school hungry or tired from having to work late to help support their families, and parents frequently work multiple jobs to make ends meet. We are here to ensure that legislative leaders are committed to fair and equitable school funding and that they understand how their decisions here at the Capitol affect the everyday lives of Connecticut children and families, as well as how those impacts—whether they are positive or negative—spill over into schools and communities.”

Leaders of various groups within the coalition agreed that when we fully fund our public schools, everyone benefits.

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