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Workshop for CEA Members: Working with Transgender Students

Much of our society and the systems within it live as if the world exists in binary form. Male/female. Masculine/feminine. Man/woman. Either/or. The “both/and/neither/nor” identities inherent in transgender, gender creative, and gender fluid students (and coworkers) can bring up questions and concerns. This workshop is designed to address them.

This free workshop, only open to CEA members, will take place May 16 at the Sheraton Hartford South in Rocky Hill and be presented by Robin ​P. ​McHaelen, ​MSW. ​​McHaelen ​is ​the ​founder ​and ​current ​Executive ​Director ​of ​True ​Colors, ​Inc. and the co-author ​of ​several ​books ​and ​articles ​on ​LGBT ​youth ​concerns.


This ​engaging ​workshop ​will ​help ​participants: ​

  • Differentiate ​between ​orientation, ​sex, ​gender, ​gender ​identity, ​and gender ​expression ​
  • Identify ​the ​critical ​concerns ​and ​obstacles ​unique ​to ​transgender, ​gender ​fluid, ​and ​non-binary ​students, ​K-12 ​as ​well ​as ​faculty ​and ​staff
  • Understand ​the ​expectations ​of ​Connecticut’s ​non-discrimination ​statutes ​with ​regard ​to ​sexual ​and ​gender ​minority ​students, ​faculty, ​and ​staff
  • Identify ​helping ​strategies, ​tools, ​and ​ideas ​for ​ensuring ​that ​your ​school ​climate ​welcomes ​and ​affirms ​every ​member ​of ​your ​school ​community

The workshop is presented by CEA’s Human & Civil Rights Commission. Registration ​and ​light ​dinner ​begin ​at ​4:00 p.m. ​and ​the ​program ​will ​run ​4:30 – ​6:30 p.m.

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