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Lamont: ‘We Have the Greatest Teachers in the World’

During his State of the State Address kicking off the 2019 legislative session today Governor Ned Lamont received a standing ovation when he praised teachers.

“We have the greatest teachers in the world,” Lamont said. “We ought to tell them that. Thank you for what you do, teachers.”

Lamont’s State of the State address followed his inauguration ceremony, where he and the state’s constitutional officers were sworn in.

“We’re in this together,” Lamont told those gathered for the inauguration. “Together, we will craft an honest, balanced budget which does not borrow from the future, but invests in the future. We owe our kids nothing less.”

CEA is working closely with newly elected and appointed officials this legislative session on issues critical to students, teachers, and public education.

Watch CEA Executive Director Donald Williams talk about what to expect.


Students from Bridgeport’s Harding High, where the governor volunteered years ago, were front and center in the inaugural parade.

  1. Tim Barron #

    Actually his task force is considering the consolidation of the separate 169 towns in areas of education and health care which would expand the pool of teachers being insured resulting in reduced cost and better benefits for all teachers. The savings could be used to pay down what is owed and eventually be a dramatic step towards balancing our budget. A little optimism never hurt.

    January 9, 2019
  2. Robert Trotta #

    Let’s see what he does with the teachers health fund that’s been under funded for 11 years! Sounds like he’s already looking for brownie points for the next election

    January 9, 2019

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