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Celebrating American Education Week

AEW 2018 FBFrom that first tentative day of preschool to mortar boards soaring through the air at high school graduation, teachers play a crucial role in their students’ lives. You provide a safe, welcoming space for children as they learn about themselves and the world around them.

Thanks to your dedication, students learn not only about parts of speech, atoms, prime numbers, and the American Revolution, but about what it means to be part of a Democracy, how to care for one another, and how to make valuable contributions to their community.

So much of teachers’ work goes unrecognized, unseen by the public. But it’s what you do in those quiet moments, those day-to-day interactions with children, that truly makes a difference. You work long days, constantly deliberating how to best meet your students’ needs, how to provide them with the best education possible—regardless of their background.

In ways that you can’t even know right now, your commitment and dedication are making a brighter future for your students, our state, and our country.

Thank you for dedicating your lives to our students and the future of our country. Working together we ensure the very best public education for all Connecticut children.

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Jeff Leake
CEA President

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