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Teachers Play Key Role in Electing Pro-Education Candidates


For pro-education candidates, Connecticut’s midterm elections were a victory, and teachers helped provide the decisive votes.

“Our teachers came out in force, and they came armed with information about who supports them,” said CEA President Jeff Leake. “The report card was an important new tool for our members. It helped ensure that teachers were knowledgeable going into the voting booth, and it held candidates accountable.”

For the first time, information on key votes was compiled by CEA in a comprehensive report card that gave each candidate a score. The report card, which evaluated candidates’ positions and voting records on everything from school funding to classroom safety and teacher pensions, was viewed on CEA’s website nearly 75,000 times.

“Teachers had a huge impact on this election,” said CEA Executive Director Donald Williams. “In key districts where races were close, the overwhelming majority of candidates that CEA spotlighted on its honor roll won their seats. Every district has significant numbers of teachers who vote, and their votes were critical in deciding those races.”

Overall, 80% of candidates placed on CEA’s honor roll in the 2018 election were declared winners, and 100% of CEA honor roll candidates running for constitutional offices, including Ned Lamont for governor, were elected.

“After many months of engaging their colleagues, knocking on doors, and turning out to vote, teachers helped democracy work for public education,” said Leake. “CEA’s mission was to put education on the ballot, and put strong advocates into office. Across the state, teachers succeeded. We look forward to working with our new governor and legislators on ensuring that Connecticut’s public education system is a top priority, and that all students and schools have the support and resources they deserve.”

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