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So Blah to Sublime: Transform Your Staff Room!

“Well-used and a bit sterile.” That’s how Plainville High School teacher and CEA member Debbie Seibert, now retired, described her building’s staff room.

All too often, the faculty lounge is one of the most neglected areas of a school. If that sounds familiar, NEA-endorsed California Casualty invites you to do something about it! Enter California Casualty’s $7,500 School Lounge Makeover at, and your breakroom could be transformed.

“We’ve seen the dedication of teachers firsthand, and we’re proud to show our appreciation,” says California Casualty Sr. Vice President Mike McCormick, who says his company understands the importance of a room where teachers can relax, recharge, and connect with their colleagues. The School Lounge Makeover helps create a restful environment that nurtures creativity and provides a place for staff to catch their breath.

Plainville High School won a School Lounge Makeover in 2013, and the room now has vibrant colors, comfortable seating, and a lactation room.

The deadline to enter is July 12, 2019, and all school staff members can enter to increase their school’s chances of being picked. A winner will be announced in August 2019.

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