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CEA’s New Teacher Guide Helps You Survive and Thrive in Your First Year—and Beyond

What should you bring to an IEP? How and when should you renew your teaching certificate? You suspect a child is neglected at home; how do you proceed?

Every new teacher wishes there was a handbook for all of these questions.

Now there is.

Check out CEA’s New Teacher Guide, available only to CEA members.

To log in and access the guide, you will need your member ID number. You can look it up here.

“The number of teachers who leave the profession within the first five years is staggering,” says CEA educational issues specialist Michele Ridolfi O’Neill. “We are in a crisis. Enrollment in teacher prep programs across the state, with the exception of UConn, is down 25 percent. We need to provide supports to keep teachers in the profession.”

In an effort to help new teachers thrive, CEA has developed a comprehensive New Teacher Guide covering everything from parent involvement to stress management—the kinds of topics that are not covered in teacher prep programs but can make or break those first years.

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