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Students and Parents Show Teachers Their Thanks

CREC Montessori Magnet student Matteo Dolzadelli helps prepare the teacher appreciation breakfast.

Teachers deserve our appreciation each and every day, and today students and parents are making a special effort to extend their thanks to teachers on National Teacher Day.

At CREC Montessori Magnet School in Hartford, the thanks took the form of a breakfast and juice bar that parents organized as a small token of their appreciation.

Parent Jimena Dolzadelli has been organizing the annual event for nearly a decade, and each year more food offerings are added. In addition to muffins, cookies, quiche, and fruit, this year’s spread included freshly squeezed orange juice, watermelon lemonade, and a vegan detox smoothie.

Parents Adriana Tippner, Kelly Plourde, Jimena Dolzadelli, Cristina Schatz, and Tracy Kochey were among those who helped prepare the teacher appreciation breakfast.

“I look forward to the Montessori PTA Teacher Appreciation breakfast every year,” says lower elementary teacher Tiffany Ennever. “It is always beautifully arranged with many healthy breakfast food choices. The PTA parents go above and beyond to share their love and appreciation of teachers in our building. We are so lucky to work in such a great and supportive school community.”

“We wanted to give back and make sure teachers know they are appreciated and know we love everything they do for our children,” says PTA President Tracy Kochey.

“Teachers have shaped my family from the very first day we stepped into this school,” said Dolzadelli. “They are educating our future, and their work needs to be appreciated.”

Watch messages of thanks by Montessori Magnet School students and parents below.


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