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Tomorrow: Legislative Session 2018

Tomorrow begins the 2018 session of the Connecticut General Assembly. It’s likely to be a busy session with many issues for legislators to tackle over these next three months.

Students, parents, teachers, and communities across the state are currently dealing with the destructive consequences of last year’s education cuts—fewer resources for children, layoffs of teachers and other educators, increases in class sizes, program and enrichment cuts, and disruption in our classrooms and communities in the middle of the school year.

Some of CEA’s priorities this session include restoring local public school funding, repealing the 1 percent teacher tax, protecting teacher pensions, safeguarding students and teachers from aggressive behavior, and advocating for teacher rights.

CEA leaders and staff and are the capitol every day, meeting with lawmakers, talking with coalition partners, and advocating on behalf of students and public education.

Legislators will also need to hear from their teacher constituents. Most lawmakers have little firsthand knowledge about the challenges teachers face, or what it takes to help every child succeed. Hearing from you about how legislation helps or hinders teachers’ ability to do their jobs effectively can influence the conversation lawmakers have with fellow legislators and how they vote.

BlogCEA will keep you updated on developments at the State Capitol this session that could have an impact on you and your classroom. Click here if you’re not already subscribed for updates from BlogCEA.

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