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Being a Good Union Member Is Being a Good Teacher, Says Waterbury Building Rep

“Union business is a professional responsibility and makes a big difference,” says Waterbury teacher and building rep Anthony Della Calce. The sixth-year math educator who teaches at North End Middle School is new to being a building rep, but not to understanding the vital role his union plays in teachers’ lives.

“Belonging to a union means we can focus on teaching rather than on struggling to make ends meet,” Della Calce says. “Being members of a union allows us to go into the classroom and be the best teachers we can be.”

Della Calce says that much of what he does as a building rep is serve as a point of contact for members at North End Middle School.

“I try to remind teachers about all of the work the union does,” Della Calce says. “Many are short on time and don’t know about all that the union is doing for them, so it’s important to let them know.”

Della Calce continues, “As a building rep, I help our teachers understand that they have a lot at stake. They are busy and have a lot to do, but they need to find the time to be involved—even if it’s just reading the CEA Advisor or emails. Teachers need to be reminded that they have a stake in what’s happening. It affects them directly.”

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